Battlefield Hardline – Why Delay Would Lead To A Great Game?

When games get delayed, most fans would feel frustrated, and in the case of Battlefield Hardline it is all the more difficult to digest because players already got to play the beta.

Now, they are being told that the title has been postponed to somewhere in the early 2015, which is actually more than half a year to go. But, if you feel this is unfair, you are missing a key point here. In the gaming world, no one remembers the release date of a great game years after it gets released, but simply remember it for its gameplay, fun and the overall experience that it offered.

It is such a valid statement which seriously justifies the delay that could actually pave way for a great game waiting to come out a year later. It should be worth the wait because the developers have already gone to a great extent to create a title that is not the usual military genre but rather set in the world of cops and robbers. While the beta was more like Battlefield 4, it did reveal some key information such as Pay Day style heists and an entirely new setup in an urban environment.

Visceral Promises A Great Game

If there is one thing that we have learned from the beta, Visceral games is really serious about their upcoming title and it won’t be another EA game full of bugs. They are keen to make sure Battlefield Hardline is free from bugs, glitches and does play as the developers intended it too originally. During the comic con meet, a developer from the studio said, “Hardline was never designed to be delayed and we were on time to deliver it as promised in the month of October. However, things didn’t go as well as we expected during the beta and there were some complaints. We were ready to fix them all and we realized that there is plenty of potential to make the game more awesome. But, there was one huge problem. The time needed to make these improvements was not available with the original release date, which is why we had to go on and postpone the release.” He added that if the game turns out to be great to play, it could transcend all the minor problems that the game faced in its infant stage, as well as the frustration players felt due to the delay in its release.

Beta Test Lead To Delay

The developer claims Battlefield Hardline was never meant to delayed, but the negative comments received during the beta test made the developers rethink their release strategy. They did their best to make plenty of changes from the received feedback, but things didn’t go as planned. This is when the idea to completely postpone the release date came out. It was confirmed by the developer from Visceral games during the comic con meet. Everything looks promising for the game and if Battlefield Hardline is going to go the way as intended, it should definitely be a great treat as soon as 2015 starts. Meanwhile, you can keep yourself busy with other titles and wait for this one to surprise you in the beginning of the next year.

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