GoPro Hero 3+ – How to Use GoPro and Shooting Good Pictures

Everyone who has a GoPro camera secretly wants to be a hero with this camera.

This is all thanks to the camera’s ability to shoot high quality videos and pictures. In order to get the best from your GoPro camera, there are a few tricks and tips you can use. With these tips, you can be sure that your next shoot will be nothing short of excellent.

Understand Your Mount

Whether you plan on mounting your GoPro on your dog, helmet, bike or snowboard, it is always best for you to familiarize with your mount’s movement – a shifting film is only fun, when it is planned to shift; otherwise, it can ruin your whole experience. Before filming your shots, test the outcome and angles. For instance, if you want to film a biking hike, mounting your camera on your helmet or chest is less bumpy, compared to mouthing it on the handle bars.

Planning Your Story

While there is nothing wrong with being spontaneous and capturing the moment as you go, lack of direction can ruin the whole experience on film. The secret to filming perfect experiences is to map the entire journey in your head. When shooting, always do so for the editing – find your edit points, which are specific shots that connect your dots to create the perfect story. You can zoom out from a tree to capture passing action or throwing balls at the camera lens and moving on to another action. This is a good way of keeping your unedited footage flowing smoothly between scenes and it makes editing easy and fun.

Practising Often

While this may sound obvious, you can only get the perfect shots using your GoPro camera when you practice a lot and familiarize with your GoPro. You can take online tutorials on using your GoPro before you embark on your filming journey. Practice on the best angles to mount your camera. Never assume that your angle is working. Once you mount the camera, double check to ensure it is in the right angle.

Playing the Angles

Filming from one filed view can get boring. You can combine shots from mounting your camera on different positions to get a complete view of the action around.  It is also a good idea to have several cameras mounted and moving. It is also important for you to be creative when it comes to angling your shots.

Shooting From the Hip

Remember that GoPro is not just a video camera; it can also be used to take instant photos. You can program the camera to take photos after every second or minute. You can later edit these photos into your video. You can also set the number of photos taken at each interval to be more than one. You may end up with a lot of photos, but from the pile you will only get several amazing shots.

Using Hero 3+ Under Water

Worth noting is the fact that the Hero 3+ is also very good for shooting underwater. It can take still images underwater with a resolution of more than 11MP. However, this is an automatic camera and thus the shutter speed and ISO depends on the lighting conditions.

For amazing underwater photos:

-Attach a red color correction filter.

-Take shots with your back facing the sun.

-Use video lights for dives deeper than 10 feet.

-Ensure that your camera lens stays at least 12 feet away from your subject, if you want sharp images.

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