WhatsApp – Offering a Clean and Crisp Service

Recently, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, so it is likely that there might be some changes and new features brought into the app very soon.

Saving on SMS Charges

WhatsApp Messenger is an application available for Android and iOS devices, allowing users to chat for free with others who have the app on their devices. It also offers some additional features, apart from text messaging. When you have installed the app on your device, you can save money on SMS charges normally levied by your carrier and use the service across different platforms. However, the catch in the application is that you can only send text messages to users who also have the application downloaded on their phones.

Simple Navigation Features

WhatsApp offers a natural navigation system offering chats in small text bubbles. It also offers a time stamp for the messages and notifies you about whether the text has been viewed by the recipient, by means of a single tick or a double tick against the message. Apart from sending text messages, you can also send photographs and audios as well as videos with the conversation. In addition, it is possible to change the background and send the GPS location to a map that has interactive features.

You can also block any contact you want and use preset notes, such as I’m busy; Available; My battery is about to die; and so on. If you want to send the contact information of a friend to another user, you can do so through the application. These are some of the pleasing and useful features of the app, in comparison to other messaging applications.

Group Conversations

WhatsApp offers a great option for conversations among several users for group chatting. For instance, you can make use of the Broadcast Message feature and bring in the entire list of contacts to send them a message simultaneously. You can also add contacts with radio buttons and then send a message blast to all of them. The New Group is another feature that enables the addition of contacts to send a group message. It is also possible to merely list the locations of the group or the media that is added to the group chat by members. Though such features are not very amazing, they are much more than what is offered by standard phone messaging systems.

Saving Money on Communication

WhatsApp users can be sure of saving money while communicating using their Android or iOS devices with the application installed on them. They can also make international communication, all with the help and cooperation of their friends who must also install the app for it to function.

A Free App

WhatsApp Messenger is a free messenger service that you can download on Android and iOS phones. Previously, the application cost 99 cents, but the pricing model was changed during 2013. Initially, the application is absolutely free for use, but users will have to pay 99 cents as subscription fees from the second year onwards. $1 a year for such a valuable messaging service that works on several platforms is really worth this small payment. WhatsApp is very similar to other text messaging services available for smartphones. Yet, it offers some extras that are really fun to use. It is a must have for those who indulge in a lot of texting with friends and family. You can communicate with all friends, whether they use an iOS or an Android device and even send international messages for free.


WhatsApp enjoys a global user base and it is very easy to sign up for the service. The data is encrypted and safe and it offers notifications when you receive a message. You no longer need a texting plan with your carrier when you have this app on your smartphone. Device migration is also very simple and easy.

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