Battlefield 4 – Improvements Coming Up Next Week

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September is going to be a great month for both Battlefield 4 and DICE.

The first week of the month will see a few huge improvements coming to the game. DICE has already announced these improvements, which have been underway since the last two months. They have been testing these updates, and now that the updates are finalized, all the games will be getting it.

Why Does the Game Need Updates and Improvements?

Battlefield 4 is among the most successful games from DICE, ever. However, it also drew sharp criticism from both fans and detractors, because of its poor game play mechanics and buggy environment. As soon as the game was released, gamers found out that it was bug ridden and difficult to play. Soon after, the internet was plastered with remarks from avid fans, who were disappointed with the shoddy development. DICE took an ear to these remarks and immediately went on to working on the game and making it much better than before. Several updates were launched within a few weeks of the game’s own launch. These updates and improvements really improved the game and spurred its popularity.

How are the Improvements Being Made?

DICE LA, has been working hard on some major fixes to the game. Apart from coming up with the new DLC, the developers have also been trying to find out ways to improve gaming experience on the game. A large team had been working on releasing this upcoming update since the past two months, and this update will bring some major changes to the game. Meanwhile, DICE has also been following up the community test environment very closely to gather feedback from it. The feedback from the community test environment will then be used to make fixes and improvements to the game. Right now, their major testing initiatives revolve around improving the core gameplay. However, this does not mean that they are not paying attention to the smaller things. Over the last two months, the developers have already made a lot of important tweaks to the game.

Feedback from Fans

The one thing DICE has been doing correct, is that it is getting continuous feedback from its fans and using it to improve the game. Involving the gaming community in the development process, is a really great initiative and it is this continuous feedback cycle that has helped DICE make a lot of positive tweaks and changes to the game. There have been requests for teamplay, which is what DICE is focusing on now. This next initiative is known as Teamplay Initiative and here they will focus on improving their multiplayer team modes. This initiative would bring about improvements in the game mode, bug fixes and many new features. You may also see field upgrades and new firepower.

What’s Next?

DICE is simultaneously working towards Battlefield Hardline, the next title in the Battlefield Franchise. This game is expected to be launched in the fall of 2014 or perhaps early 2015, to coincide with the holiday season and is expected to be one of the biggest and most anticipated launches of the year.

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