Halo 5 – Different Game Engines to be Used

Halo 5 is among the most anticipated game titles in the world.

The Master Chief Collection has already been slated for release and players are anxious to finally be able to get their hands on their copies. However, the game’s graphics will certainly be much different than those of Halo 5: Guardians. This difference is because the two games will be created on different engines and therefore will have slightly different gaming mechanics, look and feel to them.

First Look

The Master Chief Collection was first unveiled during the E3 2014, and that is when the whole world got to see what Halo was bringing to them. Halo 2 was also remade for Xbox One and fans swore by how much better the game looked this time around. All of the older versions of the game, right from Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo 4, all got a facelift and upgrades, and this is all for making them look great with Xbox One. The visual upgrades are indeed welcome and players are excited about the next installments in the franchise, who have promised much more.

The Differences

Ever since the Master Chief Collection was previewed, fans have been wondering if this is a glimpse of what Halo 5 has in store. The graphics of the Master Chief Collection are stunning, and it is not surprising that fans want something similar in Halo 5 too. However, the two games are being developed on different engines, and so there would be some basic differences between the two. Halo 5’s footage has not yet been showcased by 343 Studios and fans are eagerly awaiting its first appearance on the scene. There is a lot of anticipation, especially for the graphics and what they may look like.

The Game Engine for Halo 5

Addressing the rising speculation and the incessant requests for a sneak preview of Halo 5, Frank O’Connor, Franchise Director at 343 Industries has announced that Halo 5 and the Master Chief Collection will be based on different game engines, and though there will be no technical differences in the games as such, the proprietary code and the legacy will be different for the two games. He decided not to divulge any more details on this front and simply claimed that Halo 5 is still on schedule and its previews will soon be hitting the internet. The different engine won’t cause any major deviations from the gameplay and the mechanics, though, could be expected to be different.

What to Expect?

Though 343 Industries have not chosen to divulge any more details in the game, just the mere fact that the game is being launched exclusively for Xbox One, it is indeed certain that the graphics will be mind blowing. Exclusive releases and launches almost always surpass expectations because there is a lot of money and reputation riding on them. So if you are worried that the game might not meet your expectations, you can stop it right now, because the game is going to be great and the graphics will meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

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