The Newer Samsung Galaxy S5 vs the Older Samsung Galaxy S4

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The data enlisted below provides a detailed Specification, comparisons in terms of all aspects for both Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 respectively.

Specifications and Comparison

Display and Design

Galaxy S5 – 8.1mm thick, 72.5mm weighs 145g
Galaxy S4 – 7.9mm thick, 70mm wide and weighs 130g

Galaxy S5 features the perforated back to gain a matte finish as the result of implementations akin to the leather back of Samsung Note 3 unlike the plain glossy back of Samsung Galaxy S4.

S5 is available in the colors white, black, gold and blue.

Galaxy S4 came out with a 5 inch super AMOLED HD 1080p display with 441 ppi resolution. This provided the pictures a high contrast and is critically acclaimed as the best screen in its series. But this version has an upper-hand and a mighty advantage over its predecessor as the phone can be put to rest in a bucket of water, and will remain working. This is attained with its rubber-sealed ports and battery cover that keeps it sound and aloud. Galaxy S4 was released with 5.1-inch Super AMOLED HD 1920x1080p display with 430-ppi resolution to provide a sharper and robust effect for the colors captured. This phone is available in the colors Blue, white, black, red and purple.


Galaxy S5: 2.5GHz, 2GB RAM
Galaxy S4: 1.9GHz, 2GB RAM
With its ober-potent Snapdragon 801 CPU, things are much faster than on the Galaxy S5 in comparison to Snapdragon 600 of Galaxy S4. In the test of Geekbench 3, S5 out-powers S4 attaining 2,908 points while S4 is intact with 2,240 points. This test infers that on S5, games will be playable a little longer than on S4.


Galaxy S5 – 16-megapixel.
Galaxy S4 – 13-megapixel.
Galaxy S5 Camera is stronger and differently shaped with ISOCELL Samsung and 16:1 sensor that provides sharper and extensively resolved pictures. Galaxy S4 has a Sony 13 MP camera and 4:3 sensors which, in turn, reduce the wide-screen resolution to utilize lesser pixel when capturing, as compared to its successor.

Galaxy S5 – single output
Galaxy S4 – single output

Both the phones have similar features of poor volume and quality in terms of its speakers, which is indeed a disappointment for the new version. Both are located on the rear.

Operating System

Galaxy S5 – Android 4.4
Galaxy S4 – Android 4.4

Although both the systems have the same software, S5 has a newer version of Samsung TouchWiz as compared to S4 and some of the older elements on the phone are replaced by colorful circles, which indeed has presented a new look to it.

Battery Life

Galaxy S5 – 2,800mAh, 10.78Wh
Galaxy S4 – 2,600mAh, 9.88Wh

S5, as the figures show, has a higher battery life as compared to S4. The differences are due to the processor capabilities. The video playback continues for a 14 hours compared to the 11 of S4. S5 also claims the Additional Battery saving mode and provides access to use only the pre-selected applications during the same while S4 has a normal battery mode that reduces the brightness of the screen and reduces the speed of the CPU.


Galaxy S5 is priced at INR 41,999.
Galaxy S4 is priced at INR 19,450.
Evidently S5 is far better than the S4, except in the prices compared though.

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