WhatsApp – Why Is It One Of The Top Rated Social Mobile Apps?

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There are different types of social mobile apps available; however, WhatsApp has managed to be the best out of them all.

Have you ever wondered what makes WhatsApp the finest choice which you can have? These are some of the reasons which make WhatsApp the popular app which you should use.

An Extremely Neat User Interface

The user interface offered by WhatsApp is one of the best that you will find. When you compare WhatsApp with other apps like Hike and Line, you will find that WhatsApp is much quicker to load and you will not face any lag whatsoever. The messages load almost instantly and the lack of stickers makes it quicker and faster.


When you are chatting with people, you will always need emoticons to express yourself. Emoticons have become a rage and it becomes a lot easier to make the recipient understand your feelings by using them. There are emoticons for nearly all kinds of expressions. When you use the right emoticons, it becomes a lot easier to make the conversation more engaging and meaningful.

Voice Notes

This feature was introduced much later in WhatsApp. You can now send voice notes to your friends. While this isn’t exactly the right way to make a call; it definitely turns out to be handy when you are looking to send voice messages to your contacts. The entire process of sending and receiving these messages is extremely simple and you should be able to enjoy sending and receiving them.

Sharing Media Made Easy

One of the best things about WhatsApp is the ease with which you can share media. WhatsApp allows you to send not only images, but video, contacts and even your location. This is an extremely useful feature, which has revolutionized the way we have been sharing files. Before WhatsApp became popular, sending multimedia files over the phone wasn’t so common.

Privacy Settings

There was a time when WhatsApp had a serious privacy issue regarding the profile picture. It allows you to put up a profile picture, but anyone who has your contact could see it. On some platforms, there was an option for saving the picture too. This was a big vulnerability that needed to be fixed. With the new updates and settings, you now have the option of choosing privacy settings for your profile picture.

You can choose to keep your profile picture visible to contacts stored in your list. The same thing applies to your status too. This privacy option makes it easier for you to keep your data safe from being stolen by unwanted intruders.

You can have your own reason for choosing WhatsApp. The ease of use along with the blend of great features make this app one of the finest options for quick and seamless communication. Various other apps serve a similar function, but none among them have the same level of popularity as WhatsApp. As the app is available for free download, try it out at least once.

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