Minecraft PS4 Is Undergoing Final Test, Release Date Is Close

Developers 4J Studios have finally come out of hibernation and confirmed that Minecraft PS4 is currently undergoing the final test phase and will soon make its way to the new generation console from Sony.

The game has sold millions of copies on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. It is not only a popular title on these platforms, but has achieved immense success on handhelds, as well and now it is time for Minecraft to finally see light in the new generation consoles. Earlier, the company confirmed that they are going for a retail boxed edition release, for the game, which is a bold decision.

The news confirmed that 4J and Mojang are really confident about the title’s reach on these platforms, as it has proven its mettle on older generation consoles last year. In their official Twitter account, which has been their favorite place to make important announcements, 4J said that they have completed developing the Minecraft PS4 copy and it has been handed over to Sony for certificate testing process. It is a usual procedure, where Sony testers will see whether the game is fully compatible with their console and runs without any issues. Once they approve it, which usually takes from one to two weeks, the game will officially get launched on the console.

Just a couple of days ago, 4J said that they are still busy, fixing bugs on Minecraft PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One versions of the game. This comes as a surprise announcement because we didn’t expect the game to be submitted to Sony so early. The development team kept it as their little secret and decided to talk about it once the process got over. The original PC version got released in 2011 and it has sold over 54 million copies on the platform. In order to encourage players to move on to the new generation consoles, Mojang is providing an option to upgrade from Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, by paying just $5 extra. There will be no additional charges and some game elements will be transferred to the new platform, while others won’t be, due to compatibility issues.

Playstation 4 Edition Features

One of the biggest advantages of people directly moving on to Minecraft PS4 edition is that they will gain access to all Sony exclusive skin packs, texture packs, DLCs and other additional content that got released so far. Apart from that, multiple game play elements, including ability to trade with villagers, Ender’s chest and traps, among other new additions, will be available on the console from day one. The PC version is slightly ahead, in terms of introducing new features, but with the game’s transition to newer consoles which have similar architecture as computers, these updates are expected to start rolling out to them, much quicker than they used to be. Besides, it will also help minimize the time spent in the certificate testing process. There is no news on the game’s availability, on the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS consoles so far.

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