Top Jump Start Tips for Temple Run 2

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Endless running games are widely popular nowadays because of the sudden rise in smartphone users.

These types of games are best played on touch sensitive screens with motion sensors. Tilt your phone to move the running character from one side to another; swipe the screen to change his running direction. That’s not all, you will need to collect all the coins along the way, while you surf through a pile of obstacles and a ferocious creature is chasing you for your life. Gear up for some adrenaline rush as you play the latest edition of the popular Temple Run series. Here, you will get to learn some readymade jumpstart tricks that will get you started. Compete with others and beat the high score like a pro runner.

Earn Free Coins as You Start

Are you ready for the wilderness and thrill of Temple Run 2? If yes, you must prepare yourself fully and start your first run, earning some coins in advance. Temple Run 2 gives you 250 coins for free while you connect this app to your Facebook account. Go to the in-app shop option and navigate to the ‘Connect with Facebook’ button and click OK. Enter your login details and bingo! You can check out your vault for extra 250 coins. You can buy power-ups and other upgrades as you start. However, it is better to collect some more coins and then you can go for some Temple Run 2 power-ups shopping.

Prioritize Purchase of Essential Upgrades

You can find many upgrades in Temple Run 2. You need to select one or two most essential ones. Then, work on your way to upgrade those at first. Such an essential upgrade is the coin magnet capability. This upgrade allows you to attract coins along the way using magnetic power. The more you upgrade this capability, the longer you can use this power while you use it in-game. This is a smart way to collect coins without moving much on the edge. Your second priority would be upgrading the Shield Duration option. This is another trick to ignore the obstacles for a limited period of time. Shield gives you a protective covering. You become invincible. Nothing, except the walls and cliff hangers, can cause you damage.

Mind Your Timing

Temple Run 2 is a game of timing and keeping your finger in sync with your mind. Sometimes, your mind says “jump now”, but your finger reacts a second later. And you’re dead in no time. There is no mercy in the world of Temple Run 2. Every single mistake has its price. If you do not practice perfecting your timing, you will play again and again with no results. Be determined to set a new high score. Play the initial levels repeatedly and try to get an idea how your phone responds to your finger swipes and tilting. As soon as you gain the pace, you will become a pro runner, running miles without a fall.

Follow all these strategies carefully and you will not be far away from setting a groundbreaking score in Temple Run 2 soon!

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