WhatsApp Plus Free Download – Start Free Chatting With the New Cheerful and Happening Features

While most of us use WhatsApp, have you heard of WhatsApp Plus?

It is one such app that will allow you to make smart customizations and modifications to the interface. If you haven’t used WhatsApp Plus before, we will explain the top features that this app has to offer.

Apply Themes That You Love

With WhatsApp Plus, you have the option of choosing from more than 700 different themes. The themes are extremely diverse and you are likely to find the one to serve your need in an apt manner. Most of us love to customize our apps such that they bear our mark. If you get the option of customizing your app and having themes that pertain to your field of interest, you will definitely love to do so. WhatsApp Plus gives you the option of configuring the themes.

More Emoticons to Express Better

WhatsApp does offer you plenty of emoticons to pick from; however, WhatsApp Plus takes it a step further. When you are using WhatsApp Plus, you will find an even larger collection of emoticons. If you love the cool emoticons you get in Google plus, you will find them here too.

WhatsApp Plus allows you to express yourself in an even better manner with a much larger choice at hand. You can find emoticons for almost all types of expressions and expressing yourself would be a lot of fun.

Extra Editing Facilities

WhatsApp Plus offers you additional features for editing. You can make changes to the header and even alter the size and color of the chat images. WhatsApp Plus is renowned for a variety of customization options.

You can also disable different options like voice notes and animations. This feature comes in handy for those who want to have complete control over the type of features they are availing when they are chatting with friends.

How Is It Different From WhatsApp?

If you are wondering about the main differences between the two apps, the answer lies in personalization. Both the apps will allow you to chat with your friends, but the type of personalization and customization options you get is more diverse when you use WhatsApp Plus.

There is a flurry of features that you will get with this app. The only problem with using WhatsApp Plus is they you need to uninstall WhatsApp. We are not sure whether the use of WhatsApp Plus is legal and you need to check these points out.

Enjoy the pleasure and fun of having an app that allows you to have your favorite themes and pick your colors. Those who have already used WhatsApp Plus have submitted rave reviews because they are very happy with what they have managed to get.

You will definitely love the options that you get and you can play with colors and themes until you end up with the perfect choice that blends with your liking and personality. No doubt, WhatsApp Plus takes WhatsApp to another level altogether.

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