Google Maps – Saving a Lot of Road Rage

Google Maps is bringing in a lot of new features to its version for Android and iOS devices.

The app brings in additional functionality for improving commutation by trains, automobiles and also Uber car service. Some of the notable features of the app along with ways of using them are mentioned here.

Switching Lanes

When the user receives directions, the app will now tell him whether to stay in a particular lane or switch lanes. Previously, there used to be very little warning about this aspect, in the early days of GPS. Maps used to give last minute instructions for taking an exit and you would probably miss it, as it is difficult and dangerous to swerve in the last minute. The new feature makes it easy to receive instructions while driving. Users don’t need to specifically enable the feature either. When they search for directions to go to a particular location and tap on the icon of the car, the guiding slides will come up, showing the number of lanes and the ones that they need to take. This will probably save a lot of road rage for users.

Save and Search Features

The save and search features are now integrated in the map design and are easier to use. Maps can also be labeled and stored in a particular location, making it easier to search for them while on the go. For using this feature, you can select a general location of a place you are planning to visit, such as the name of the city or the neighborhood, the area and so on. After the search has loaded, swipe upwards to view the location card where you can also view some information about the area, such as options for Street View, etc. Tap on the white box found below saying Save map to use Offline. While saving, you can name it on your own or use the automated suggestion from Google. The image gets stored within a few seconds and for accessing it again, you need to go to the home screen and view your profile page, which has recent locations, home locations, work locations and saved locations. Offline maps will be found right at the bottom of the pile.

Specifying Arrival or Departure Times

If you are someone who relies a lot on public transport, such as trains or buses, the service timings keep on varying according to the time of the day. You can use this feature for searching for a particular arrival and departure that suits our schedule. The app also informs you about the time of the last train or bus. To use this feature, you must search for directions related to public transport and tap on ‘Depart at’, a small gray box for routes. Select the date and the time from the pop up box found at the base of the page. Instead of selecting, you can also specify any particular time of arrival or departure. The Last option will give information on the last train or bus on that route. Then click on ‘Done’. The feature also gives information about the waiting time in between trains, according to the time of the day for which you are making the search.

Ordering an Uber Ride

When you cannot find a cab or a train, you can get a car that will pick you up. Uber is a black car service that is very useful. Users can view the time taken for an Uber to come and pick you up from your destination. To use this feature, search for the directions and opt for Get an Uber.


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