Subway Surfers – Top 5 Tips & Tricks of 2014

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Subway Surfers is one of the most played games on smartphones. We’re sure that you have at least one friend who’s playing it daily. If you are new to the game and want to crush your friend’s score, these tips will help you out.

1. Stay as high as you can (no, don’t think of drugs, drugs are bad… mkay?)

This game involves a lot of dashing, jumping and running. The safest way is to run on top of the trains. This way you won’t need to worry about obstacles such as pylons or fences.

2. Hoverboards

You will most likely be tempted to spend some coins on a hoverboard. When you activate a hoverboard, it will last for 30 seconds, and in case you will be hit by an obstacle during this time, you will lose the hoverboard, but you will be able to continue to play the game without losing any life.

3. Power Ups

The Jetpack gives you the ability to fly over trains, giving you the opportunity to gather a lot of coins while it’s active.

The Super Sneakers make you run faster and you won’t mind about the guard following you, since he will be left behind.

When the Coin Magnet is activated, all the coins around you will be attracted by the magnet.

While 2X Multiplier is activated, during this time you will get double score.

4. Power Up’s you should use

When you begin playing this game, the best power ups you can get are the Jet Pack and the Coin Magnet. While the Coin Magnet will bring you a lot of coins into your pocket, Jet Pack will offer you a lot of survivability.

5. Combo’s you can use

– Jump+Right or Jump+Right+Right = makes you dash to the right while you’re up in the air
– Jump+Left or Jump+Left+Left = makes you dash to the left while you’re up in the air
– Jump+Roll = It will cancel your jump and instantly make your character roll
– Roll+Jump = It will cancel your roll and you’ll instantly Jump

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