Waze – Finally, a Community-edited Maps App for Your Smartphone

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The name says it all.

Waze is bang on target for people looking for real-time navigation experience from a smartphone maps app. However, what makes Waze so special? The uniqueness of this map application is that it is purely community based. You will never find a dead end while you navigate through the app in real-time. Real life drivers have put in their inputs in making the app a real life road map. Another special feature is that this app updates dynamically as soon as a change in route or traffic comes up. You will never find such real-time data from other generic navigation apps. Let’s look at a few factors why Waze stands tall among its other contenders.

Cross Platform Compatibility

The Waze app is available for all major smartphone platforms: Android, iOS and Windows. The widespread success and popularity of Waze lies in its availability for all these major smartphone platforms. Millions of users can now have access to this app free. Waze can run flawlessly on your iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows Phones. This app is comparatively faster than other proprietary navigation apps. It takes less time to load and consumes less battery power. The app receives regular updates across all the platforms. Therefore, you never miss any data about the actual routes and current traffic conditions.

Redefining the Concept of Social GPS

Waze is purely social. The app invites participants from its widely active community. This works like magic just as the live satellite maps! You never miss out any minor detail about the traffic conditions and changes in the routes. Waze boasts of being the world’s largest community based navigation app. You can expect only the best from its highly interactive and user-friendly interface. The in-app voice guided navigation system in Waze works better than the proprietary ones. With Waze, you can join the largest community of real-life drivers, share real-time traffic data, and improve regular commuting experience.

Satellite Map Data Made Perfect

Waze works on the Google navigation and maps data. However, it is a lot better than what Google Maps can provide to you. Many of you have faced issues relating to faulty map data such as wrong names of places, lack of road hazard information, traffic jams, roadblocks, etc. Waze gives you real-time maps and navigation data by editing the basic maps data powered by Google. This is the essence of the social navigation service that never gives you wrong information on traffic, gas stations, and shortest routes to your destination.

Drive with the World

Waze enables you to see and connect with your fellow drivers who are going to the same destination as you are. You will never get such a useful feature in other navigation apps. Coordinate with other drivers. Select the shortest and the smoothest route to your destination without getting stuck in a heavy traffic jam. Waze lets you see other fellow driver’s arrival times to a particular destination. Therefore, you are always in sync with a real-time navigation app resulting in less on-road goof-ups while travelling to an unknown destination.

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