Top 4 Free Antivirus That Work Almost Like Premium Ones

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Antivirus software keeps your PC safe from internet threats.

Virus or malware can affect your PC in multiple ways. Inserting an infected flash drive, or surfing the internet without filtering the content — in both cases, your PC is vulnerable to virus and malware attacks. This is why it is essential to install a good anti-virus in your PC. There are many available options in this range. You can buy antivirus software or you can try out one free. The choice is entirely yours. A few chosen free antivirus software works almost like the paid ones. Let’s take a good look at four of the best free antivirus software available to you.

Avast Antivirus Free

Avast is the choicest one in this segment of free antivirus. Avast is sleek, lightweight, powerful, and user-friendly. What else do you want from free antivirus software? Avast comes with multiple security tools apart from its patented AV engine. This product is compatible with almost all PC with minimal system configuration. This product runs well in a system with 1GB of RAM and it acquires small memory footprints. This free antivirus software is designed in such a way that it never slows down your computer while it stays silent on the tray icon area and does its job quite accurately. There are reasons behind being one of the most popular antivirus software. The virus detection rate of Avast AV engine is a lot better than a couple of mid-range premium security products available in the market.

AVG Free

AVG is yet another renowned name in software security products. AVG Free edition gives you more than you expect from a free virus-scanning tool. AVG supports automatic updates and it comes with scheduled scanning capabilities. You can schedule a full system scan at your convenient time without slowing down your ongoing works. You can only expect this great feature from premium range security software suite. This fine piece of software also comes with a browser add-in. This helps you immensely in keeping your computer safe and sound from internet threats while you surf the net.

Panda Cloud AV Free

Panda is small and lightweight. Panda comes with a free edition of its award winning AV engine. The software suite is free but full-featured. Panda Cloud AV can skillfully detect viruses, malwares, adware, spywares, and other suspicious infections. With Panda Cloud AV Free installed on your PC, you can concentrate more on your work and less on troubleshooting the system due to possible virus attacks.

Avira Free AV

This product features a strong AV engine that closely monitors your PC for possible virus and malware infection. Avira free also gives you a powerful firewall and web protection along with its strong AV engine. The interface is quite neat and clean. You can easily toggle the features that you do not want. Some of the unique security features of Avira are anti-phishing tool, SNS protection, ad blocker, mail protection, etc. You will never find these premium features in free antivirus software.

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