An Introduction to Golden Eggs in the Angry Birds Game

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Over the years, Angry Birds has become a big hit among players of all ages.

It is thus no wonder that this game is one of the most downloaded apps on smartphones. Throughout the game, you will find birds of various colors along with other characters from which you should protect the birds. The raving popularity of the game resulted in the release of a movie by the same name. Apart from the usual levels in the games, there are additional levels that you can unlock and play. To unlock these levels, you must locate the hidden golden eggs that are originally appeared as Easter eggs. There are primarily ten such golden eggs, each of which opens up a new level in the Angry Birds game. Remember not to use the Mighty Eagle to collect a golden egg as the eagle will only destroy the egg without collecting it.

How to Locate the Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

The first golden egg in Angry Birds is the easiest to avail and is located in the Shop. You can open the Shop by clicking on the Shop link in the right hand corner of the screen at the bottom. At this level, you gain access to the blue birds that can serve as cluster bombs. Each of these birds can split into three and can be used to hit multiple targets. To gain access to the second golden egg, you have to open the Bird-O-Matic screen. The screen is highlighted by an Avatar text and image that are located at the same place where the Shop link was in the earlier level. This level unravels a pyramid of pigs. You should use the black Angry Birds to hurl bricks at the pigs and kill them.

The third golden egg is hidden amongst the various credits in the game. When you click on the “I” icon located on the left of the Shop button, the credits get released one by one revealing various names. Look out for the name Ari Arnbjornsson. The first “o” is actually the third golden egg. At this level, yellow birds are released that can fly at great speed on wood. The fourth golden egg is located inside the Inbox icon. When you open the inbox, you will find the golden egg next to the Send Free Gifts button. This level releases additional yellow Angry Birds that shoot the pigs in midair. To avail the fifth golden egg, check out the help icon on the second screen in which the red birds appear. This level reveals black birds that attack pigs driving on tractors.

Search for the sixth golden egg in the Surf and Turf level 6 at the entry to a cave located below the pigs. Remember to knock off the wood to take possession of the egg. Various Angry Birds are released to take control of the pigs. Play Surf and Turf Level 37 to obtain the seventh golden egg. Just after the camera zooms into focus, you will be able to see it. You can fire a white bird to release an explosive egg and collect the golden egg. At this level, you can fire a red bird to send stones at pigs residing in a wooden cage.

For the eighth golden egg, you must play the Might Hoax Level 12. Located at the top right hand corner, you may have to fire a yellow bird in this direction to gain faster access to the egg. At this level of the Angry Birds game, you will have to fire the birds at pigs in a pit filled with grass. You can take control of the ninth egg after you play the Poached Eggs Level 62. Located exactly where the previous golden egg was, this golden egg is perched on a pedestal. Use the black birds to fire TNT and make your way through obstacles. To retrieve the final golden egg, you must play the Poached Eggs Level 3. Aim at an egg with a smiley face to access the golden egg. Fire into space and kill the pigs there.

Apart from the above golden eggs, you get a bonus golden egg if you complete an Angry Birds episode with three stars.

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