How to Cure Bad Breath – Or People Will Get Away From You

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Bad breath normally emanates from accumulation of bacteria in your mouth for a long time.

However everyone experiences bad breath at some point, especially after waking up. Bacteria may invade your mouth due to tooth decays, cavity and gum disease, trapped food particles and other medical conditions. Follow these easy steps to get rid of bad breath and regain your confidence and popularity.

Steps to help you get rid of bad breath:

Brush your teeth daily

Brushing is the first and simplest step to get rid of bad breath. When you eat , food particles get trapped in between your teeth. Brushing at least twice a day helps to eliminate these food particles. If these left overs are not removed they will decay and consequently cause bad breath. It is advisable that you brush after every meal, and floss daily. This is because dirty dentures, an abscess or a rotten tooth can result into serious dental problems.

Clean your tongue

The tongue is a major culprit of bad breath if not properly taken care of. The rough surface of the tongue is a heaven for bacteria. You can either brush the back and top of your tongue with a toothbrush, or a tongue scrapper. Tongue scrappers are more effective since they are specifically designed for the tongue. These devices have a curved edge which is ideal for scrapping off bacteria from the landscape of your tongue.

How to use a tongue scrapper:

· Position it behind your tongue.

· Gently push it forward to the tip of the tongue.

· Do this repeatedly, until you feel convinced that your tongue is clean.

Adopt a diet that facilitates good breath

What you eat might be the reason you have that awful breath. Including fruits and vegetables into your diet can be a sure way of maintaining fresh breath. Also consuming fresh products that are loaded in antioxidants will help boost your breath.

Types of foods that promote good dental health:

· Green tea

Green tea is loaded with catechin, an antioxidant that helps kill bacteria.

· Yoghurt

Yoghurt has live and active beneficial bacteria. These bacteria are known as probiotics and are famous for relieving bad breath.

· Fruits like oranges, apples, melons, pears and berries

In order to produce enough saliva you need fruits. Saliva is important in regulating the good and bad bacteria of the mouth. In addition fruits are rich in vitamin C which helps prevent common gum diseases.

Keep your mouth moist

Ever wondered why you wake up with foul breath? It is because when you sleep you produce little or no saliva. Since saliva has oxygen that prevent the growth of bacteria, without it bacteria thrive. As such if you do not keep your mouth moistened even when you are awake bacteria will still grow.

Ways to moisten your mouth:

· Drink a lot of water. Water is natural and easily available , it will do you more good than just rinsing your mouth.

· Use mouth wash. After you brush especially at night rinse your mouth with a mouth wash. This will freshen and moisten your mouth.

Consider chewing sugar less gum

Currently there are numerous chewing gums in the market. However sugary chewing gums will not do you any good , instead they will worsen the situation. Sugar less gums aids in increasing the production of saliva. Cinnamon flavoured chewing gums are considered good in enhancing fresh breath.

Talk to a doctor

If your bad breath persists, consider visiting your local dentist or doctor. A professional dentist will be able to identify the underlying cause of your bad breath. If it is related to a given medical condition such as diabetes , the doctor will prescribe appropriate medication.


Prevention is better than cure, take good care of your teeth all the time. Good oral hygiene is the most effective way of doing this. Brush regularly, floss once a day , and adopt a healthy diet.

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