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Those who use the social media for their brand, corporation or businesses, can derive a lot of benefit from the latest updates to Twitter. Twitter now offers some excellent updates for designing the profile along with introductions that can transform the culture of the site. Brand managers are going to love the new, bigger image for profile header.

The image is bigger than that of Facebook and avoids many of the restrictions posed by the latter. Brand managers can now put up what they like on the banners, to effectively use this space. Users can decide the best practices.

Fresh New Look

In addition to the larger header, the profile image has also been changed. It is bigger now and aligned to the left, allowing brand managers a bigger area for expressing themselves. This also allows more space for displaying logos more prominently.

Tweets have also become bigger than before, with the increase in the font size and the bold feature. Your tweets become more important and capture the attention of the viewers. All these features add to the fresh look of the feeds and enhance the viewer’s visual experience.

Pin It

An excellent update of Twitter is that it will now allow users to pin the tweet on the top of their profile. You may want to post something continually. This is one way of doing it, as you can now pin it. For instance, if you want a hashtag to catch on or want everyone to see that awesome picture you posted, just pin it.

Blank Slate Approach

The upgrade related to updates offers more white space, with users being able to customize the page better. The bluebird is the only form of branding on the new profile page. This is more so to remind users about the platform that they are in. The blank slate approach offers brand managers more room for creative freedom, so that they can do as they please.

Emphasizing images

Previously, Twitter had added inline image previews for the web view. The latest redesigned update adds more image focus. The new web view offers the profile and the header images, which are now visible. It was seen that this new image-highlighting feature has resulted in tweets shooting up by 150%.

Better Advertising

Those who use direct messages in Twitter will like this update, where Twitter offers the ability of sending and receiving images in DMs. This includes a tab for the DMs, found in the navigation bar of its official mobile application. This makes DMs easier to use. Twitter has also added promoted accounts to its mobile timelines.

The promotions continue to work in the same old way, where advertisers are charged for the person who follows their account. The display of the account is different now, having a full tweet with a ‘follow’ button within the Timeline in the mobile applications. Twitter also helps advertisers by opening up an online conversion system for tracking.

The ads customers can now track conversions and the engagement of users, on the promoted tweets. The ads are also more appealing and more effective now due to the new features of rolling out tailored audiences to the advertisers. Advertisers can now take advantage of using browser cookies and serve ads to the users who have visited their site recently.

Twitter updates are offering users a more vibrant experience, with trial, error and experimentation. Marketers and social media marketing agencies can take a lot of advantage from the Twitter updates and will surely love to use Twitter platform. Ad buying opportunities are becoming more and more intuitive and designs are being continually upgraded.

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