Clash of Clans – Best Raiding Strategy for Top Players

In today’s Clash of Clans raiding guide, we will tell you how to use your troops when raiding.

Making an Army

After you have built the Barracks, you can start training units. The units that finished the training will get to your Army Camps. Keep in mind that the more Army Camps you have, the more units you’ll have. You can also upgrade these Army Camps, which will allow you to keep more units in them.

The Army Camps are separated from your Barracks, so after your troops fill all your Army Camps, you will be able to put in queue for training some other troops. However, those troops will not be able to be trained until there will be space for them. You can “hide” some of your Elixirs by overtraining troops, while you are offline. When you get back online, you just cancel the training of those troops and you will get back the invested elixirs without losing anything.


First, you should start raiding in single player campaigns, so this way you will learn more about raiding and the things you will face when you will raid another player’s Village. Don’t aim to get 3stars on these single player campaigns, 1 star is enough and once you’ve stolen the resources from a campaign, move to the next one.

To deploy troops while raiding, you will have to select the troop you want to send out and then top the location where you want them to be deployed. The location where you deploy your troops will play a big role in the raid economy.

Defensive units will always tend to attack the first unit they see, so you will want to send first a few “tank” units, such as Giants. Then you can deploy some weaker units but which will deal lots of damage, such as Archers. They will attack freely, without being hit by the defensive units.

If you see that the wall which protects a village has a hole somewhere, it will most likely have a trap in it, such as a bomb, which will make a lot of damage to the troops nearby, so you should try to send only one unit there to check if there is any trap, and if it is, it will be a fair trade. After that, you can deploy all your troops there without worrying about the trap which was already activated and you can’t do anything, anymore.

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