Fallout 4 Gorgeous Modded Screens and Character Fan Art

Bruno’s project based on Jeff Simpson’s art

Since Bethesda is not willing to share any news about Fallout 4, a fan surely is. A fan, by the name of Bruno, decided to make a character based on Jeff Simpson’s original Fallout art concept.

Bruno said that he was impressed of Simpson’s art and decided to make a 3D model based on it. Bruno said that the character was created in conformity with the world from the game: worn, old, destroyed. The costume’s elements are some rare objects that someone would have picked up from a deserted world.

The images you will see below show the creation of a 3D model using programs such as Mudbox, Photoshop, Max and ZBrush. Here are the steps that Bruno took in order to make this great character.

  1.  He firstly made the initial 3D sketch in ZBrush program, focusing on the form and the details.
  2.  Then, he edited it using UV Mapping and retopologizing, so that he can add more details by using Max.
  3.  After doing that, he used ZBrush to sculpt more details.
  4.  Later, he added textures using Mudbox and Photoshop.
  5.  In the end, Bruno just rendered and posed the model using Max, and composited and placed finishing touches using Photoshop.

Have a look at this nice project made by Bruno:

I hope you like it, because we surely do!

Another fan made a fully modded Fallout 3 with a lot of mods in use. It seems that the author used some console commands which allowed him to add custom ENB and take screenshots.

He used a combination of mods such as: NMC Texture Pack, Midhrastic ENB, F3ProjectRealityMKL, Enhanced Night Sky, Realistic Interior Lighting and Project Beauty.

Below, you can see how this project looks like:


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