Try Temple Run – Know What It Feels to Be in the Shoes of Usain Bolt

Temple Run is a never-ending ‘running’ game developed and released in 2011 by Imangi Studios.

The game instantly garnered exponential popularity and fame all around the globe. It is a cross-platform app and can be readily downloaded and installed on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone etc. from the respective app stores. The gameplay of this app takes you to a temple where you act as an explorer and three monkeys that act as the antagonists chase you. There have been many updates and news regarding the game and it is critically acclaimed by the experts.

The Game Play and Features

Once you start running from the temple, you are followed by these monkeys and you have to save your life by running as long as you can. During the run, you will face many hurdles and difficulties that you have to cross to continue the run. To enhance the power, there are many power boost ups and one has to collect the coins continuously during the run. For every milestone achieved, you get extra benefits and points which are significant after you complete a single run. The most interesting part of the game is the characters that will act as your protagonists, which you have to buy from the store in exchange of the coins you have collected. There are timely updates and changes in the game released by the development team to attract the public and not to make them feel bored.

Some Basic Requirements

This game is a heavy application and requires some pre-requisites to ensure smooth running without any chances of lag and errors during the gameplay. One should have a screen size of 4-4.5 inch and RAM of at least 750 MB to play this game without any discrepancy. The game earned the highest rating of around 79% in an online survey conducted to know the most favorite game for smartphones among the global public. This game can also be enjoyed by users on their PC. One has to just download BlueStacks software on his laptop which creates a virtual android platform on the computer and then you can easily play Temple Run.

Best among the Lot with All New Updates

There are many comparisons of the game with other similar games but Temple Run comes out to be the best among those and provides the best entertainment for the users. To provide a better gameplay, the development team of Temple Run launched a second version of the game in 2013 that provided better features and graphics as compared to the basic version. The recent updates of the game saw the launching of Usain Bolt avatar in the game. You can choose Usain Bolt as your protagonist to play the game. If you have not played this game yet, do not wait; just open your respective store on your Smartphone and download if for free to enjoy the chase.

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