WhatsApp – Using the Messaging App on Android Devices

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For most people, sending messages is more convenient than calling.

It is also discreet since you do not have to talk through your conversations as would be the case with calling. It is also efficient and allows you to go straight to the point. While sending SMS can be expensive, WhatsApp messenger allows you to send as many messages as you can, each day, without incurring expensive messaging costs.

For the uninitiated, the WhatsApp application is a messaging app that allows you to communicate with people using the app. With this app, you can send unlimited messages to your contacts located anywhere in the world. The reason this app is popular among many users, is its affordability, since you do not have to incur the cost of sending SMS. This application is available for Android devices and other smartphone operating systems.

WhatsApp is better known for its wide user base. Currently, this application has more than 400 million people using it, and the number is still growing. Facebook recently purchased this service for billions of dollars.

Replace SMS with Instant WhatsApp Messaging

When it comes to the features, WhatsApp brings a new twist to the traditional way of messaging. It allows users to share their location using Google maps, photos, videos and audio clips and to send them to their contacts. If you are a fan of Apple’s emojis, you will love using WhatsApp. They are available in plenty. It is also possible to customize your chat’s background with an image of your choice and also set a like-status for instant messages.

Even though it does not come with an extensive list of features, this application offers excellent service. Even so, worth noting is the absence of voice calling, which is common with other instant messaging service providers. However, WhatsApp announced an upgrade that may include this feature.

The WhatsApp messenger works very well with Wi-Fi or 3G network and is ideal for Android devices, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows. WhatsApp is also made with the ability to notify you when your message is sent and read. This is characterized by a green check sign – two checks indicate that the message has been received and read, while one check sign indicates that the message has been sent but not yet read.

Unlike most of its competitors like Viber, WhatsApp does not have a PC app.

Group Messaging Made Better

This application takes special interest in group messaging. It is possible to have group discussions of up to 30 people. Group messaging also allows you to assign titles for the chats depending on the matter being discussed. Also, it allows the people in the group to unsubscribe from the group if they so wish.

An alternative to group messaging is sending broadcast messages. All you need is to have the recipient add you to their contacts, for you to send out the message. When you send out a broadcast message to a number of people, it appears as though you sent the message to the individuals directly.

What You Need

For you to be able to use WhatsApp, you will need to have a phone number. This acts as your signup and login information. Each account is tied to the number used to download the app. Once it is launched for the first time, it automatically syncs with your phone contacts.

The app is available for free in the first year, after which you are required to pay $1.99 each year from then on.

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