Watch Dogs Stutters More With The WorseMod

The official statement that Ubisoft made, when a random user released The WorseMod, was that Watch Dogs would become unplayable, unstable and may not deliver the best experience, if people use such third party mods.

They were actually right, but the problem here is that the game developers could have actually made a good game from the start, that looks great on new generation consoles and PC. But, they choose not to, so as to make their partners happy and release a 2014 game on consoles, which are over six years old, sporting outdated hardware. The modders tried their best to make the game look good on PC and he even managed to find the hidden files from the E3 2012 conference.

All the new additions, including dynamic lighting, better water effects, rain drops, increased draw distance, number of pedestrians and other changes, make the game look extremely gorgeous. It looks like a cinematic experience that we have all been waiting for, but when the game was put to text under the Large Pixel Collider in 2K settings, a solid 10 fps drop was seen and it went down further, when dynamic weather conditions change, making it quite annoying.

Large Pixel Collider

It is a system used by the PC Gamer magazine where they test almost every game in 2K and 4K settings, powered by mammoth hardware. It includes using two Titan GPUs or even the latest Titan Z’s to check how the game could handle intense performance. This time, they decided to check if Watch Dogs played better with the Worsemod or without it. A benchmark video as well as game play video is now available on YouTube. It compares the game with the mod on and then with the mod off.

Without any question, it looks really good with all the settings turned on; that makes the sea look extremely gorgeous with detailed ships and rustic bridges. In the night rainy weather conditions, it looks even better with splashing rains and on a sunny day, Watch Dogs adds depth of field, where objects in the distance look blurred, but becomes visible as you go near. Everything sounds extremely amazing on paper and if you take a look at the screenshots, you will know that it is much more cinematic. The same is not the case with real world results as you actually play the game.

Bad Weather Results in FPS Drops

As soon as Watch Dogs was installed with the WorseMod and the MaLdo graphic settings, it showed a visible fps drop and during bad weather conditions, it becomes really tough to move around. The game has a dark feel to it even during day time but the contrast looks bumped up. The weather conditions with denser rain and lighting effects will annoy you when you try to navigate your car around, but the darkened version of the game provides it an increased depth of field. The trade off doesn’t look worth it and even though the standard version of the game stutters as well, at times, it is much more enjoyable for the average gamer.

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