Clash of Clans – Top Defending, Attacking and Gems Strategies

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If you just started playing Clash of Clans, we bet that you’ve become addicted immediately, but you’ve got a lot to learn about this game and we’re sharing some strategies that will help you get a good head start.

1. Upgrading the Town Hall

You shouldn’t upgrade the Town Hall too fast. Instead, maximize your troops’ level and the defensive buildings and after that, think about upgrading the Town Hall as well. Keep in mind that after every Town Hall upgrade, you will unlock new levels for your buildings and for your troops. This will give you a good start and you will be able to do great raids and in the same time, to have an effective defense for your village.

To gather resources in order to upgrade your Town Hall to level 7, you will spend a lot of time to maximize your defensive buildings, troops’ levels & spells. You will also want to have the walls up to level 6 or 7.

Don’t rush to get your Town Hall to level 8, like other players use to do. Most of the Clash of Clans players make the mistake to level up the Town Hall and that will bring them more dangerous enemies. This means that they are not able to farm well and can’t defend their village successfully.

2. Trophies

You will want to have the Trophies range that is good for you. Depending on your Trophies range, you will fight with weaker or stronger players. Find the right Trophies range that works great offensively as well as defensively. This way, you will be able to farm well and to avoid being “robbed” by other players.

Try to obtain 1250 Trophies fast, to get those free 450 Gems for your 4th builder that will come in handy.

3. Defending your village

As you start collecting more and more loot, you will notice that this will attract powerful enemies who will try to steal your resources and destroy your village. As we told you above, you will have to maximize your defensive buildings and walls, even if that will take some time.

Until maximizing all of them, here are a few tips that can be very helpful:

– If your shield is off, try to stay online and logged in as much as you can and do not switch applications on your device because it will get you offline. While you are Online, you cannot be attacked.

– Leave your Town Hall outside of your walls in order to be destroyed with ease. This will attract a player who farms for Trophies and will attack your Town Hall, getting you a free shield.

– Before you logout from the game, maximize the queue of training with wall breakers. This will get your elixirs for all the queue wall breakers and when you login back, just cancel them to receive the elixirs back.

4) Attacking

When you attack other players, you will want to have a good balance between the cost of your troops and how much you are going to get from the raid. You will always want to win more resources that you invested.

Here are 3 setups that work well for attacking other players:

1. Low training time and cheap: 100 barbarians, 50 archers, 15 minions and 1 healer.

This will cost you between 20.000 and 40.000 Elixirs for a raid, since your camps will allow 180-220 units. This strategy works well against low level opponents. You will want to attack villages that have at least around 75.000 elixirs and 75.000 Gold, so it will worth the raid. Always aim to attack villages that have resources that are 3 times higher than the invested resources your troops cost.

2. Survival: 15-20 Giants, 1-2 Healers, 20-30 Archers, 20-30 Goblins (high level) and 2-4 Wall breakers.

Using this setup the training time will be longer and it will cost you around 80.000 elixirs. Take out the anti-air defensive buildings and heal your Giants. Giants will probably survive all defensive buildings but you will have to deploy the rest of your troops at the right moment. If you deploy them too soon they will most likely die without stealing any resources. Don’t attack players who have massive walls and strong defenses. You will want to use rage spell on your Giants, in case you feel that they need it.

3. Mass destruction: This is the most expensive setup and the training time is very long (around 45 to 60 minutes).

This strategy will be used only for players who have a good stash of Gold and Elixir, at least 500.000 each.

You will need 25 balloons, 20-25 minions, 5 barbarians, 10 archers and healing spells. Keep in mind that you will need the balloons maxed up because they will play an important role in this setup. Take out the air defensive buildings as soon as possible and, after that, deploy the balloons in a way that they are close enough to get healed along the way.

5. Gems

We all know how important are the Gems in this game and most of us don’t really want to invest real money to get them. You can use an application called “FreeMyApps” that will get you around 1000 gems every 10-14 days.

Aside from this, you can also clean the rocks and the trees from your village to get you some gems.

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