Top 5 Smartphones 2014

Being a developer of smartphones in this era is not child’s play.

Smartphones, especially the high end ones are some of the most competitive items on the market today. The year 2013 saw a host of different makes of smartphones steal some limelight on stage. Yet the real heroes in the competition for the best-rated smartphones continue to rock.

  1. HTC One M8 Features

The features and specs of HTC One M8 are numerous but the highlights include

  • A larger display screen compared to its predecessor
  • Micro SD card slot
  • 90% metallic
  • Flashy design
  • Latest softwares on the market
  • Comprises the best of features among the top smartphones
  • When you set out to purchase HTC M8, note that it is a high-end Smartphone and the price might just make your heart skip a beat.
  1. Samsung Galaxy S5

This is the latest Galaxy S device. It comes as a replacement of the earlier Galaxy S4. Galaxy S5 is yet another of Samsung’s finest products.The phone features are as follows:

  • A speedy processor that stands out in the Smartphones league
  • It is dust and water resistant
  • It comes with a solid state-of- the- art camera
  • Has a lasting battery
  • In terms of price, the phone is a good deal for users who would like to have it on contract
  • It is Samsung’s best take at the onslaught that HTC M8 presents


  1. LG G3

The glamour for this smartphone began some time in 2013. The star has continued to shine for it, coming into 2014. One of the features that propelled the smartphone to the apex of the rankings is the startling looks that the developer invested to make sure the smartphone reflects. You get,

  • Unique power and volume positions
  • Attractive looks
  • Black Glossy finish
  • Comes with some of the best apps you’ve seen for a while

4. Sony Xperia Z2

When it comes to designing smartphones, most developers face dilemmas. It is a hard combination to always have the phone of your looks and functionality come out just as you wish for it. One of the major concerns is size specifications. Many designers want their smartphones to feature small and slim looks. Yet the reduction in size goes to sacrifice other important aspects of functionality. Some of the obvious areas which are compromised when the end product has to feature a small size include battery, sound, screen size and camera quality. However, it appears that Sony cracked the formula. Xperia Z2 features:

  • Thin, slim metro body  looks
  • A mix of metal and glass
  • 20.7 MP sensor
  • The innovative KitKat  Operating system
  • 1080P screen resolution
  • Great contrast
  • Clear and loud stereo


  1. Nexus 5

Critics have pointed out that Google did not really wish to join the smartphone race. Their intention was to make Google features spread out and be available on smartphones too. However, they found themselves in the thick of things because their product came close to beating the best-ranked smartphones by default.


  • Clever Android KitKat 4.4
  • 5 inch 1080P screen resolution
  • Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 8 MP camera

The price of Nexus 5 is obviously inviting to any smartphone enthusiast.


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