Clash of Clans – Top 5 Tips and Tricks of the Year

Clash of Clans, developed by Supercell, is a very popular game for Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod. It was available internationally on iTunes when it was released back in August 2012, and later in October 2013 it came on Google Play Store.

Clash of Clans is a strategy came where you will have to construct buildings and upgrade them, unlock buildings or warriors in order to firstly defend your village and after that, raid other villages to get resources.

Here are top 5 tips and tricks for Clash of Clans

1. Try using cheap units

Many players do mistakes by not considering the cost of their units they use in the battlefield. For example, Giants are awesome, but they cost a lot more than Barbarians. Same goes for Dragons, they are better than Giants, but they cost more. The training time is a main factor also, for example Wizards are greater than Archers, but they cost more. Each Wizard will need 8min of training until it will be available for use, and keep in mind that 1 Wizard “eats” 4supply units.

Always try to save as much resources as you can, by making an “effort” and training cheap units, which can be trained quickly.

2. Don’t use spells very often

Likewise units, spell can be very expensive and will take you a while to produce them. However, they can be very effective in battles, but you should use them as a last resort. For example, the “Rage Spell” will cost you 23.000 elixirs while the “Healing Spell” – around 15.000 elixirs, which is quite expensive, and you should use them only if you are sure you can recover the “lost” elixirs.

3. Dark Elixir should be your main resource priority

When your Town Hall gets to lvl 7 and beyond, the only limited resources will be the Dark Elixir. These Dark Elixirs will be needed to maximize your heroes and Dark Barracks troop upgrades. Make sure that the Dark Elixir is your main priority resource.

4. Try to save your gems

At the beginning of the game, you will receive 500 free gems and you will complete a tutorial in order to understand the game. By the end of it, you will lose around 50 gems, because the tutorial will “force” you in a way or another to finish it. However, you can save your gems, and can buy builders with them.

Builders’ price:

–         2nd Builder: 250 gems

–         3rd Builder: 500 gems

–         4th Builder: 1000 gems

–         5th Builder: 2000 gems

Having many builders will help you develop your village faster, so consider getting at least 3, as soon as possible.

5. Use Matchmaking a.s.a.p.

When you start playing Clash of Clans, you will get a shield which will last for three days. However, not many players will want to attack you, even when your shield is down. So, you should start using matchmaking in order to get some resources without fearing that you might be attacked. Even if you will get attacked, you will lose only a little amount of resources that can be “recovered” on a single raid you will make later.

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