Reasons to Choose Samsung Galaxy S5 Over iPhone 5S

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Looking to pick between Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S? There are various features that you would have to compare, and we will analyze each one of them to help you decide which one is better.

Handling the Phone

Samsung Galaxy S5 is IP67 water-resistant certified and even if you are used to handling the phone roughly, S5 is definitely a smarter choice between the two. Since this model is water-resistant, the phone will work smoothly as IP certification is a proof that the phone will function in the right manner. Even when the model comes in contact with water, it won’t be damaged. On the other hand, if your iPhone 5S comes in touch with water, your phone may be permanently damaged.

Camera Features

The rear camera has a configuration of 16 megapixels and there are plenty of other features too. The auto focus feature and the quick shutter speed make this model a winning choice. iPhone 5S on the other hand has 8 MP camera and Galaxy S5 seems to be a smarter choice. While iPhone 5S too gives you a smart camera, it stands nowhere in comparison to what Galaxy S5 has to offer.

With Galaxy S5, you can change the aspect ratio and even the resolution, which means that you have plenty of options to change, customize and modify.

The Extra Features

Galaxy S5 comes loaded with features like S-health and heart rate monitor. Both these features have been lauded by the users. While Apple offers you somewhat similar feature called Touch ID, once again, it is Galaxy S5 that seems to be the better choice among the two.

The Display Factor

While it is wrong to write off the iPhone 5S when it comes to display, Galaxy S5 certainly stands out. With a 5.1 inches screen, Galaxy S5 offers a full HD display. The super AMOLED screen ensures that you will not have anything to complain. It comes with 432 ppi in comparison to 326 ppi offered by iPhone 5S.

Long Lasting Battery Life

When you are buying a phone, the type of battery performance you are getting is important. While both modes have a good battery rating, Galaxy S5 is superior. You have an ultra power saving mode which allows you to make the most out of your battery needs.

Galaxy S5 gives you 390 hours of standby in comparison to 250 offered by iPhone 5S.

Further, there are other features too like the Samsung Gear which you can use in conjunction with Galaxy S5. The iPhone too has its own share of features but given that S5 is priced less too, it seems to be the better choice among the two.

Unless you are a diehard Apple fan, you should not have any trouble picking Galaxy S5 as the smarter choice because you will get better specifications and that too at a lower price.

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