Top 5 Android Utility Apps 2014 – Most Effective Ones Out There

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Gone are the days when people used landline phones and desktop computers.

Smartphones and tablet have taken the place of these devices, previously considered ad must haves.

Over the years, the Android market has seen an increase in the number of apps. Many of these apps help increase productivity and convenience. You can carry out all manner of tasks on the go, using your mobile phone.

While there are many applications available to Android users, there are those that are a must have. These are apps that you use in your day-to-day life and they also help organize your otherwise disorganized life. Some of these apps are even not in the list of most-sought after apps, but are still among the most important to have.

Here is a list of the top 5 Android utility apps 2014.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

If you are looking for the best Android calculator, then this is it. It is equipped with complete features, and the UI is wonderfully easy to learn and use. This app operates and looks like a real calculator and even comes with all necessary functionalities.

Kingsoft Office

This Android application is among the best when it comes to mobile phone Office apps. It allows you to create and edit documents. The best part is that it comes free with full functionality and features. It has a stellar average ranking of 4.4 starts. Regardless of whether you are using a large tablet screen or a small smartphone, this app is a must have for both students and business professionals.

Alarm Clock Xtreme Free

If you are always late for work or an appointment because you press “snooze” on your alarm clock too much, here is something that will help. This application is far more than just your conventional alarm application. It is a smart, unique alarm clock app that has integrated stopwatch features. This smart timer and clock also comes with features that prevent too much snoozing, thus getting your sleepyhead out of bed on time.

Checkout 51

This is not just an app – it is a new and exciting way of shopping. Not only will Checkout 51 save you money, it will save you money on your favorite brands. This Android app enables you to redeem special deals and offers each time you shop. The best part is that it can even send your money back. You can now say goodbye to all the coupon clippings.


Are you tired of always forgetting to run some errands? Are you always looking for places to write quick notes? The Easypad has got you covered. This app is a sticky-notes app that will leave the notes on your Smartphone’s home-screen. That way, you will always be reminded of the errand you need to run each time you look at your phone. It will also help organize all your ideas in a very fast and simple way. It also has a ton of amazing features. All-in-all, the Easypad will help you through your busy days.

With the above apps, you can rest assured that your days will be more productive.

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