Polaroid Socialmatic Camera – Specs, Price and Features

Now that everything is going social, it was only a matter of time before your camera did that too. The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera is just the thing for those who love to share their life with the people around them. Whether it is a selfie, or your dinner, or the trip you recently took to the Bahamas, now you can directly share all your pictures with your friends.


The camera has a built in Wi-Fi receptor which allows it to combine the old world charm of a polaroid camera with the convenience of being able to connect and share your pictures instantly on social networks. This nifty new gadget comes to you from the brains of Polaroid, the camera company that is noted for creating quick printing instant photographs, and Socialmatic, a company noted for created social media products and services. The camera allows you to post instantly on any social media platform. It can also be instantly paired with your smartphone through a bluetooth connection. Therefore, if you do not have Wi-Fi availability, you can send the pictures to your phone and then share through your phone’s data network. The camera also offers groundbreaking zero ink digital printing capabilities. The Zink Imaging technology uses a special Zink paper that does not require any ink. So everytime you take a picture, you will get a 2X3 inch full color picture without ever having to change toner or cartridges. The camera will run on Android, so it has an easy to use interface.


The Polaroid Socialmatic camera will come with a 4.5-inch touch enabled LCD screen along with a very bright LED flash. There will be 4 GB internal storage to the camera, along with Micro SD card slots in case you want to expand the memory. The device sports a front facing and a rear-facing camera. The front facing camera is of 14-megapixel, and allows you to take great looking shots from anywhere. If you are selfie-obsessed, then the 2-megapixel rear camera should work perfectly for you. The appearance of the camera would be much like the original boxy designs that Polaroid is famous for. There might be a few improvements to give it a slightly more modern look. The camera is expected to be launched in the fall of 2014, and a lot of people are waiting eagerly to get their hands on this one of a kind device.


Polaroid and Socialmatic have been eerily tight lipped about the pricing of their pet product. While they have agreed to divulge on some of the basic functions and specs of the device, users can definitely expect much more. The companies, in keeping with their marketing strategies, have decided to play their cards slightly close to the chest, and a lot of the additional features will be revealed over the course of the next few months. By the next two or three months, they may even decide to divulge the expected market price of this camera, but since they have decided to keep hush about it for right now, we can only hope and speculate.

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