GTA 5 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC Release Date on November 14

At the E3 2014, Rockstar Games said that GTA 5 will be released for the next-generation consoles and PC sometime in the fall of 2014, without specifying the date.

According to CoolShop, which is an UK retailer, it seems that GTA 5 is going to be released on November 14, as you can see in the screenshot above.

You can see clearly from the screenshot that CoolShop claims that GTA 5 – the PC version will cost £37.96 (around 60 dollars) and it will arrive on November 14. However, later they changed the date to December 31, a date that coincides with the one that the shop specified for the release of the GTA 5: Xbox One and PS4 versions.

Even if they changed the date, why have they mentioned November 14 at the beginning? Will GTA 5 be released on November 14?

This we will most likely find out soon. We’re guessing that Rockstar will announce the release date in one of these days.

There are other highly anticipated games that we’ve seen listed by retailers without any official announcement from the games’ developers. For example, Mass Effect 4 appeared on Amazon and Beyond: Two Souls for PS4 was seen on some German retailers’ websites. Besides the video games which make their appearance in a strange way on some retailers’ websites, there are some phones which are spotted on websites such as Amazon, with a release date and many other details, but later, we find out that the retailer is wrong. Just like in the case of the iPhone 6 – one of the most expected smartphones in 2014.

That being said, we will most likely see a game such as Fallout 4, on Amazon with a price and release date, even if, for now, nobody knows anything about this game.

Do you think that GTA 5 for PC is going to come on November 14 or this is just false information?



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