Titanfall Marked for Death Mode Comes to Xbox 360 in July

Titanfall developers Respawn Entertainment, has officially announced that the game is going to receive an all new game mode on the Xbox 360 platform.

The next generation game got released on Xbox One and PC on the same day, while its older console generation version was postponed. It is known that the developers might have had a hard time trying to bring a latest title onto hardware, which is over six years old. They did their best and the game witnessed the phenomenal success on all platforms.

The updates were rolled out eventually with DLC packs, but they were a bit late, compared to the new generation console. However, you don’t have to worry much, because the Marked for Death mode will be arriving on the Xbox 360 console on July 21. It is designed to offer you an unparalleled experience, where the goal is to protect a player in your team who has been marked for death. Every player on the enemy team will be scurrying to kill your star pilot and if you manage to defend that person throughout the map time, you will win the match.

Fourth Update

Titanfall has received the fourth update on other platforms, including Xbox One and PC. It also had featured game modes. Each one of the new multiplayer modes that the developers are introducing will be available for play, for a limited period of time. While Marked for Death is the first mode, there are also the Wingman mode and the Last Titan Standing. Apart from these new game modes, the update will add 14 new burn cards, which, if used in a strategic manner, can give players the much needed advantage to win even the most difficult match. These burn cards will be used to increase the power of the titan weapons, the titan abilities, as well as three different OS voices, which will add some difference to the overall game play experience.

New Maps to Explore

While the fourth update is going to bring in new burn cards, titan voices and game modes, there is another DLC coming up for Titanfall. It includes three different maps, which have been teased by the developers at Respawn in their official blog. The Titan Insignia will come in as a handy addition, using which, you will be able to use the logo that best suits your ideas and you can pose yourself as a dangerous titan on the battlefield! The game is exclusive to PC and Xbox One platforms now, but it is being rumored already that the upcoming Titanfall 2 will be available on all platforms without any exclusivity. If you have been wondering whether you will be able to play the game on your Playstation 4 console, chances are high that it will be announced in 2015 and might land in retail outlets before the end of the same year. Stay tuned to us, as we will be bringing you the latest information on the upcoming DLC packs for Titanfall as well as the new modes, weapons and customizations that they are planning to bring.

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