LG G2 vs Sony Xperia ZL – Which is the Better Smartphone?

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Apart from big guns such as Apple and Samsung, various other companies are aiming for the top spot in the smartphone arena.

Two such companies that have been in the news in the recent past are Sony and LG. Sony revived from its earlier drawbacks by releasing its Xperia series into the smartphone market. The Xperia series from Sony was an immediate hit and gained much recognition with the users. However, the LG was not far behind with its release, the G2 smartphone, catering the people with great promises.

In order to determine the better of these two smartphones, let us put the LG G2 and the Sony Xperia ZL against each other.

Design and Display

The LG G2 smartphone is considerably lighter and thinner in built. The G2 weighs 143 grams and has a thickness of 8.9mm. In comparison, the Xperia ZL comes at a thickness of 9.8mm and weighs around 151 grams. However, the Xperia ZL is slightly narrower and shorter at 69.3mm and 131.6mm in comparison to the LG G2 smartphone measuring, 138.5mm in stature and 70.9mm in breadth. However, the curvy design without any bezels around the LG G2 smartphone provides it a fashionable look. The smartphone provides a comfortable feeling when held in the hand.

Both the smartphones comprises of a 5-inch display along with similar resolutions. The difference lies in terms of pixel densities of both the G2 and Xperia ZL smartphone. The G2 has lower pixel density of 423-ppi, in comparison to the 440-ppi pixel density of the G2 smartphone. However, both the smartphones come equipped with glass protective coating, the LG G2 boasts of Corning Gorilla Glass protection. The G2 comes equipped with a superior IPS display in comparison to the TFT display of the Xperia ZL smartphone.


The LG G2 smartphone comes equipped with better camera features in comparison to the Xperia XL smartphone. The G2 has 13MP rear and 2.1MP user facing camera, whereas, the Xperia ZL has 12.8MP rear and 2MP front facing camera. The G2 comes with optical image stabilization feature, which the Xperia ZL lacks.


Both the smartphones comprise of a quad core processor. The G2 smartphone has a superior running speed, clocked at 2.26GHz as compared to the 1.5GHz of the Xperia ZL smartphone. The G2 has a Snapdragon 800 chipset incorporated with graphic and LTE chip. The Qualcomm Krait 400 CPU of the G2 has a plethora of features that enable the smooth functioning of the smartphone. The Android version 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system of the LG G2 smartphone offers the user with multi-users system.

Battery and Storage

In terms of battery, the LG G2 smartphone comes with a bigger 3000 mAh unit, as compared to the 2370 mAh battery unit of the Xperia ZL smartphone. The extra battery power offered by the LG G2 smartphone is certainly an asset to the user.

In terms of internal storage capacity, the LG G2 again leads the race. The G2 comes with a 32GB internal storage capacity variant, as compared to the 16GB internal storage capacity variant of the Xperia ZL smartphone. However, the Xperia ZL redeems itself with an external memory card slot for memory enhancement. However, the mass USB storage support in the Xperia ZL smartphone negates the need to install any kind of additional software.


The dedicated camera button affixed on the Xperia ZL makes it easier for the user to click snaps instantly. However, it is absent in the LG G2 smartphone. The Xperia ZL also comes equipped with additional features such as video light, enabling the user to record videos in low light conditions and an FM radio along with headsets.


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