Titanfall Frontier’s Edge DLC Map Export Revealed

The developers at Respawn Entertainment might be having a really busy week because they are expected to come out with a new DLC for Titanfall titled Frontier’s Edge.

The map pack will have three different areas to explore and the official team has been slowly revealing more information about their upcoming offering. Earlier, they revealed the first map and now it is time to know more about next map, titled Export. Compared to others, this one will focus more on close quarter combat, which will be an adrenaline packed experience for the players, when they get to face others in such close proximity. While this style will be retained for pilots, the same cannot be done for Titans because of their huge size.

They will have ample space in the open grounds which you can use to bring down enemy titans or you always have the freedom to let your machine do its job, in automatic mode, while you get to kill pilots in the interiors. “Export is a point which has a massive armature that controls an offshore lock system. The teams will be fighting to take control of it because it is mandatory to possess it, so as to favor smooth marine transport. The map will be all about close quarter, house to house combat where the ground troops will be completely engaged, right from the start till the end,” said the developer.

A Map for Pilots

Huge maps are always favorable for Titans, but Respawn made sure that the match is not one sided, in all maps, by introducing deep corners and ledges that keep pilots busy. While balancing is mandatory in other maps, Export will offer a brand new experience because it is primarily made to keep pilots engaged during the game.

“Pilots should be really agile in the map as an enemy could be nearby at the most unexpected minute. They should always make use of their jet packs to jump to different heights to increase elevation and gain speed on the go, to stay ahead of the competition. Being on the top always helps, because you will have the upper hand against other players and can shoot enemies from rooftops when they least expect an attack. Titans on the other hand will have the power to keep key locations under their control, which players can also do, by leaving them in Guard Mode. This will make sure that no one passes the barrier that you have set, while you are busy gaining ground and accomplishing your objectives,” said developers at Respawn.

Release Date Expected Soon

The hype train is going fast, but Respawn is yet to confirm the actual release date for the Frontier’s Edge DLC. Titanfall is a huge success for both the developers as well as Microsoft, but the game is yet to engage players for longer times, as Call of Duty and Battlefield do. Most expect that more in-game content, maps and types of titans could be the answer to this longevity issue, which the developers should take notice of, soon.

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