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You have a smartphone or tablet, chances are you probably, at least once, played this game. Its popularity has reached amazing numbers, and continues to grow. We all know Temple Run, the game with the adventure, jungle type scenery where you have to jump, crouch and take turns so you can get away from the pack of angry monkeys that are chasing you. Temple Run was released in 2011, and by the time Temple Run 2 was released in 2013, the original game had over 150 million downloads. The sequel also managed to get 50 million hits in two weeks. Let’s get into the comparison and see what the differences between the versions are.

Temple Run

The first game had a more casual feeling to it, while the background and all the elements weren’t over the top, just right. It gave you the impression you were in an Indiana Jones story, as you had to get away from several demon monkeys, if you will, that are trying to get you. The controls and actions are fairly simple, and even though the speed is ok on its own, the game seems a little slow paced when you compared to the game speed of Temple Run 2. You can collect three coin types with increasing value, from yellow to blue.

Temple Run 2

The second installment is more fast paced than the original, and the theme used for this version is very different. You are now on the grounds of a temple suspended in air. More actions such as zip lining are added, as well as more in-game treats. Now, you can collect more than coins, as getting gems will let you resurrect when you die, therefore giving you another shot at breaking that record. The monkeys from the first game were replaced by a single, huge, demon money that growls as it tries to catch you. Several perks and power-ups can now be bought, and make the overall gaming experience more interesting. Although the controls remain the same, the newly added features make it look more complex. The graphics are also improved, with more crisp images.


Temple Run was a huge success for their developers, Imangi Studios, and while the original game was very creative, fun and popular, the second installment is definitely a step up. With better visuals and more options this game took the Temple Run legacy higher. It is better than its predecessor simply because you have so much more things you can do, with all the power-ups, perks, actions, and so on.


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