Skype vs Viber – Comparison to Find Out the Best

When you are looking to get free calls, you will be hunting for the right applications to use.

One of the best apps that you can possibly pick for making free calls is Skype. It is one of the top rated apps and is the popular choice because of the features it has to offer. Viber is soaring in popularity too and let us check the different features both these apps have to offer.

By making a comparison, you will be able to have a clear idea about the two apps and which of them seems to be the best choice among the two.

The Ease of Use

Whenever you are using an app, the first concern will always be the ease with which you can use it.

Skype is extremely easy to install and does not require any kind of special instructions. At the same time, Viber will not give you any trouble when you are downloading it too. The main difference between these two apps is the fact that while Viber is primarily a mobile app, Skype is mainly a desktop app. Both these apps work on both platforms and so you are free to pick the ones you choose.

However, when you are using Viber, it is important to have a mobile number synchronized to it. Skype, on the other hand needs no confirmation of mobile number as a username and email id is sufficient for your use.

Clarity of the Voice Calls

When it comes down to the clarity while making calls, Skype will definitely turn out to be the smarter choice that you have. Skype makes use of HD voice and even enhanced codec. This brings much better clarity while talking. While it will be wrong to write off the call quality offered by Viber, it isn’t as impressive as what Skype has to offer.

The Popularity Factor

It is not always mandatory that the more popular app will be better. However, in most cases popularity does sprout from the type of features offered. Owing to the fact that Viber is relatively new in the market, Skype is the clear choice between the two.

Skype has been rated by users to be the best choice and has more customers than what Viber has.

The Extra Features

Skype allows you to make calls even to those who have no access to it and do not even have a Skype account. You can call landlines, mobile numbers with the help of Skype credits. On the other hand, Viber allows you to make calls to existing Viber users for free but when you want to make calls to non Viber users, you can make use of Viber Out facility, which charges you some fee.

The Data Charges

When you are making VoIP calls from your mobile, you must have a 3G or 4G enabled on your phone so that you can make calls. The cost of data pack is pretty high in most countries. Skype, on the other hand, makes use of desktop internet connection which is likely to be cheap. So, if you measure this indirect cost, it is once again Skype that seems to be the better choice. Though Viber too has a desktop app now, still it is primarily a mobile app.

The Final Verdict

We can safely conclude that Skype remains one of the best choices that you can possibly have. It will offer you some of the finest set of features and the popularity and call clarity are the best that you can ask for. Maybe, Viber will catch up with time.

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