Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime – The Top Features and Specifications

The world of smartphones is buzzing with rumors about Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, which is also called Samsung Galaxy F by many.

Here, we will take a look at the key features and specifications that this model is likely to have.

Smarter Than Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is termed as the successor of S5 as it will have better features than the S5. This model is likely to be launched in the middle of June. However, there are no official reports yet and thus we have no clue regarding the same. There are also rumors that the release date may be shifted to July or possibly further because of complications that may arise in making of the QHD display.

The Display

The display seems to be the talking point of this handset. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime will have a 5.2 inch 2560 x 1440 display. There is still some confusion about whether the phone will have a full HD display or is it going to settle for QHD display. We will have to wait till the formal launch to get details about the display.

Talking about the appearance, this model is extremely stylish, elegant and classy. As per leaked images, Samsung is going to bid goodbye to its plastic exterior and will once again embrace the metallic finishing. The design will be slightly curved, with rounded corners and the slimmer bezels will make an attractive package.

There are also rumors about the Samsung galaxy F being so named because F stands for fashion. This model is going to target the youth who want phones that are not only laden with functional features but are stylish and smart too.

The Technical Aspects

It is still uncertain what the details of core technical features are going to be like. However, some of the rumored specifications of Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime are as follows.

  • The phone will have 3 GB RAM which seems to be quite good, and it will make sure that multitasking would not lead to delays.
  • Further, it will either run on Snapdragon 805 or else Samsung Exynos processor. Both these choices are good and should help you get good speed of operation. Regardless of which processor Samsung settles for, this model will definitely offer you smart performance.

The Price Factor

While we do not have any official report right now regarding the price, it is still likely to be higher than Galaxy S5. As this model is going to have much improved features than those of Galaxy S5, it is definitely going to be heavy on your wallet.

Keeping all these points in mind, it is imperative that Samsung Galaxy S5 prime is surely going to be a high end phone. If you have money to spare, it is a good deal. You can consider putting your money in this model as it will offer you a blend of smart specifications and stylish looks.

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