Temple Run 2 vs. Subway Surfers – Seriousness vs. Fun

Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers are both games that are free to play, and offer the player a good quality of entertainment, along with excitement and challenge.

Players can also buy some unlockables with money if they wish to get ahead in the game faster, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Similar Goals

Both Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers have the same goal or purpose, as the player has to run as fast as possible and collect coins on the way. There is no additional objective in the game, but the player can boost abilities with the help of some transactions. Both the games can be downloaded on iOS devices, Android devices, Windows Phones and on Amazon Kindle Fire.

Challenge and Difficulty Levels

When comparing the difficulty level of both these games, it is seen that Temple Run 2 is a little more challenging. However, the games have the same type of controls. The player has to slide up in case of jumping and avoiding obstacles, and use the sliding down motion for going under obstacles or for rolling under them. In addition, in the case of Temple Run 2, the player must also slide to the left and to the right, when intending to make sharp ninety degree turns or for avoiding getting slammed in the path edges. This movement is also present in Subway Surfers, when the player wants to slide from one side to the other, but the sliding in this case is a little easier in comparison. This is because in Temple Run 2, the gamer has to shift the device from one side to the other, in order to veer to the left or right. This aspect is not present in Subway Surfers, making it an easier game to play. The obstacles in Temple Run 2 are also more difficult, as the player dies on running into them. In case of Subway Surfers, the player can continue to run and keep playing in spite of being hit by an obstacle.

Visuals – Which is Better?

Temple Run 2 comes with visuals that are more natural, rather similar to the Indiana Jones visuals. Though the setting is an imaginary one, it is visually appealing and is based on the ruins in South America. There is excitement in the form of a monster monkey that chases the player. This brings in a lot of fear and excitement to the game, whereas Subway Surfers seems rather tame and mild in comparison. Subway Surfers merely involves the player being chased by an Inspector. The game is more lighthearted and a bit cartoonish, making use of animated city backdrops. The characters in Subway Surfers are rather cute whereas they are more serious in Temple Run 2.

Payment in the Games

Both Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers are free games that you can play on your mobile device. However, there are some optional payment and purchasing features in both the games. For instance, players can purchase upgrades to the characters in the game or even buy new characters. Players can also make payments with real money for buying boosts and lives along with powerups, etc. However, it is seen that Temple Run 2 makes the player pay more and this is because the difficulty level of the game is more, so players tend to pay up in order to cross levels. In case of Subway Surfers, the game begins with more money, so the player does not actually need to purchase anything, at least in the beginning stages of the game.


Selecting one game over the other is purely a matter of individual choice. If you are looking for a serious game or a challenge, but do not mind spending some real money on a virtual game, you could probably select Temple Run 2. Whereas, you can select Subway Surfers, if you just want some fun and comical running around without any serious purpose.

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