Battlefield Hardline Dev at Comic Con Says a Great Game Is Coming

Battlefield Hardline got delayed till early 2015, which denotes that the game may get released in the month of February or March next year.

It’s going to be a long wait, because we already have half of 2014 to cross through and the beta was such a tease that some fans just can’t wait to play it. On the other hand, many opined that the game resembled Battlefield 4 too much and didn’t have anything to offer. However ardent we are, about supporting huge multiplayer battles set in cops and robbers environment, it is a fact that the game lacked the authenticity that Pay Day had.

The developers tried to fix it as quickly as possible, by making multiple changes, bug fixes and altering the HUD, based on the feedback on the beta version. They even limited the number of times heavy weapons could be used and increased the armor of vehicles so that less explosion occurs. Despite all these changes, it looks like the people at Visceral games were not happy with the end product and decided to completely revamp it. It is such a good decision and a welcome change; because EA made a blunder by releasing BF4 in a hurry. Now, the two year release schedule will be maintained and the developers confirm that it will not only be a finished product, but a great game that is in making.

At Comic Con

The developers of Battlefield Hardline from Visceral games at Comic Con 2014, which took place in San Diego, spent quality time with the press and confirmed that whatever they have decided to do is the right choice. “We never had such an intention from the start and it was never on the cards to postpone the game. Things happened out of the blue; but we are glad that now we have more time to polish the game and deliver the experience which we originally intended,” said the developer. He added that games are becoming bigger, larger and stronger.

The community is growing at a rapid pace and titles are living longer, giving the players, an opportunity to continue enjoying them for years to come. In that context, the people at Visceral feel, that anything that they deliver, should be worthy to be owned, for a long time and be impressive to the crowd. “Delays hardly matter if the quality of the end product is good. If it is good enough, delays would never matter. Great games become part of the life in the future and no one remembers when they actually got released. I don’t remember, when titles I love came out, but I just enjoy playing them,” said the developer.

Beta Changed the Idea

When Battlefield Hardline was fully playable as a beta, a couple of weeks back, people were confused as to why it couldn’t be released. The developer clarifies that only after they got feedback through the two week beta, they found out that the title could be made really better with the right changes. All it needed was ample time, which prompted them to postpone it to next year.

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