Apple TV or Roku: Best Stream Box and Better than Chromecast

Apple TV and Roku are streaming media devices that are quite popular in the market now. Choosing the best out of these two can be a tough decision to make.

Here is a list of all the benefits offered by Apple TV and Roku TV, which will make you choose wisely and we will also talk about why to choose either Apple TV or Roku TV over Chromecast.

Advantages of Apple TV

If you are an admirer of Apple system, then you might as well directly opt for Apple TV because it extends the best way of watching the content on iTunes on your television set. Apple also provides other crucial applications like HBO Go and also WatchESPN, which definitely does not make it a limited selection of Apple’s services. Another major Apple TV’s feature is its AirPlay feature, where you can stream your favorite videos and music from iTunes or any iOS device to your TV set. AirPlay can also be used for various third party apps like Spotify and also Pandora.

Advantages of Roku TV

It is noted that Roku TV every time receives new app with the new services at a much faster rate when compared to the Apple TV. As of now, Roku holds over 750 channels. All the content that is available might not be of superior quality, but is more of a filler sort of content. There are other crucial services offered too, which Apple fails to provide like Amazon Instant. Also, Roku’s interface is quite enhanced now and is also quite quick on the hardware. The remote offered with the integrated headphone jack holds great features. It lets the user to stream the content without disturbing others.

These advantages make Apple TV and Roku TV much better than Chromecast. Also, there are few other reasons as well to add on to the “No-Chromecast” lists, which are described below:

No Standard Remote and also No Onscreen User Interface

It can be said by the design itself that Chromecast holds no true TV-based user interface. Everything should be controlled by your tablet or smartphone, which implies that you would have to unlock your device every time you wish to rewind or pause. On the other hand, the other boxes extend apps for the smartphone/tablet control, if you want but it is just one-way with chromecast.

No Cross-Platform Search

When it comes to Chromecast, there is no equivalent available of Roku’s or Google’s cross-platform-search capability.

Screen Mirroring Can Sometimes Be Spotty

“TabCasting” or screen mirroring is just a beta feature available on Chromecast and it is very much prominent. Even though the ability to project any sort of content from the chrome tab to your television is good, it might not work well always especially when compared to the screen-mirroring feature that is available on Apple TV.

So, these features make the option of buying Chromecast not at all worth the money and effort.

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