Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 – Features and Specs Comparison

A year in the mobile industry without updates would be considered a long time.

Samsung Electronics is one company that has been hysterical in providing updated versions of its smartphones and tablets to the masses. This emphatically holds true for the Galaxy Tab series. The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, the second gen tab was released in April 2012. After a gap of twelve months, Samsung Electronics released the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, the third gen tablet. Despite the short duration between the releases of these two tablets, the company came out with additional features added to this third gen tablet. The Tab 3 7.0 is sure to provide a tough competition in the mobile market.


Considering the number of releases made by the company in the past few years, Samsung was not able to make dramatic changes to the design of the third gen tablet, the Tab 3 7.0. However, there are few changes made to the design of the Tab 3 7.0. Certain aspects such as thickness and weight have been changed. Samsung Electronics has worked very hard and made changes in order to make the device easier to handle. The Tab 3 7.0 is 9.9mm and it is certainly thinner than its predecessor was. The device is made more portable with a reduced weight of 306 grams. The Tab 2 7.0 had 10.5mm of thickness and weighed approximately 345 grams.

However, there is another significant change made to the third gen Tab 3 7.0. The color options for the third gen device are reduced to white color only. In comparison, the second gen device, Tab 2 7.0 was made available in red, black and white color options.


Although, no huge changes have been made to the display of the Tab 3 7.0 but a change is a change nonetheless. It was expected that the display would come with significant improvement. However, the third gen tablet retains the 7-inch display with similar features as that of its predecessor. The only change made is an improved TouchWiz UI, making the device more comprehensible.


There is a slight improvement in the speed department. The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 was released with 1GHz dual core processor and Android version 4.0 OS. Both these devices come equipped with a RAM of 1GB. However, the third gen Tab 3 7.0 features a better dual core processor running at 1.2GHz.


Both these devices come in quite a few models. However, the 16GB model having Wi-Fi connectivity of the Tab 3 7.0 comes at a price of $180 in comparison to the $150 price of the Tab 2 7.0 similar spec model.


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