Sony Xperia T3 – Specs And Features

After the release of Sony Xperia Z2, most people wished that there was a phone that was about as awesome as the Z2, at a more affordable price. If you are among the people who just loved the Sony Xperia Z2 but could not afford it, Sony has released the Xperia T3, which is more or less like the Z2, but at a price that favors the price conscious buyers. The Xperia T3 is a phone that has a bigger screen compared to the previous Sony Xperia phones. The phone also has a premium design, for those who love big phones. Let us get to know more about the features of the Sony T3.

Features of the Xperia T3 from Sony


The Xperia T3 has an impressive sleek and slim design, with excellent craftsmanship that pays attention to every little detail. The phone comes with a frame made from stainless steel. The frame is simply gorgeous, as it mirrors the world around you. The Sony Xperia T3 is unbelievably light, with a thickness of only 7mm.


Sony Xperia T3 has an amazing picture quality as it has an 8 MP back camera that allows you to take pictures that are exceptional even in lighting conditions that are challenging. The phone has a front camera of 1.1 Megapixel that allows you to take great selfies. The camera has an HDR for both video and photo. This allows you shoot awesome pictures in beautiful colors that look natural. It has a superior Auto feature that allows you to take superior photos – from close-ups to illuminated night view photos. You can also download camera apps that do not come preinstalled. These will give you an exciting and fresh experience.


With the Xperia T3, you can now run a number of apps simultaneously. You can, for example, surf the web, even as you stream videos that are beautifully lag free. The phone has a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor that gives you maximum speed and performance without draining your battery. The phone’s processor is asynchronous. This means that each core of the quad core is powered down and up independently. You can, therefore, get the exact amount of power when you need it without having to waste power unnecessarily. The phone also has an in-built LTE/4G modem. This enables speedy internet connectivity of up to 150 Mbits per second download speed, and upload speed of up to 50Mbits per second.


Naturally, smartphones use up a lot of power even when you are not using them. This is because the many applications that you have installed in your phone might still be running in the background. This drains your battery much faster. The battery stamina mode available on the T3, minimizes battery drain as it knows when you are not using your phone and turns off the functions that you do not need, automatically. At the same time, it keeps the notifications that you might want. As soon as you wake your screen up, everything will instantly come back to life.

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