Clash of Clans – Top Guide For Faster Development and Raiding

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Clash of Clans is a free to play strategy game that is developed by Supercell. To become the best in this game you will have to fight with other players and raid their villages for resources and Trophies. Today, we’re going to tell you more about Clash of Clans and how to succeed in this game.


After you start playing this game, you will be taken to your village and a tutorial will familiarize you with the rules of the game. Pay attention to the tutorial because it will explain you the basics of the game.


In order to construct/upgrade buildings and train troops you will need resources. You can see your resources at the right upper side of your screen. The yellow bar is Gold and you will need it to construct or upgrade specific buildings.

The purple bar is Elixir which will allow you to train troops and upgrade specific buildings. And the green one is Gem, which is the currency that can be bought using real money. You will have some free Gems at the beginning of the game, so use them wisely.


At the middle top of your screen you will see a builder meter that will show you the buildings you can create and the ones you already own. You can have only one builder to work on a building at a time and you will need Gems to buy more builders.

Right next to the build meter is a shield, which allows you to know how much time you have until it will expire and as soon as it expires, you will be vulnerable to attacks. You can also buy more shield time using Gems. On the left side you will find the experience bar and you can gain experience by raiding or creating/upgrading buildings. Below the experience bar you will see a trophy icon that shows you how many trophies you have. Below the trophy you will notice the achievement menu. Click it and a list of achievements will pop up.

Village Management

Constructing the Buildings

In order to create/upgrade buildings, you will need Builders. To access the shop menu just simply click on the shop icon that is located in the bottom right of your screen.

Resource collectors

These buildings will gain elixirs and gold and as soon as they have enough of these, you can just tap over them to collect the gained resources.

Army buildings

This menu will allow you to build barracks, laboratory, barbarian king, archer queen and other army buildings that will allow you to train troops. Using these troops, you will raid in order to gain more Trophies and resources.

Resource Storage

Try upgrading your storages as soon as possible because if you don’t, you will lose a lot of resources. Why? Because when you will start raiding, you will most likely get full of resources in the middle of the raid, meaning the extra gained resources will be lost.


The defenses menu will get you to defensive buildings such as cannons, archer towers, walls etc. These structures will help you protect the village when it will be raided by other players.


These obstacles will be found in your village and you cannot build over them. However, you will be able to wipe them off, costing you resources to do this. Also, after wiping one of them you will most likely get a small amount of gems.

Upgrading your Buildings

To upgrade a building you will have to click on it and tap on the “Upgrade” button. It will cost you an amount of gold or elixirs. You will want to upgrade buildings as soon as possible in Clash of Clans, since low level buildings are ineffective.

Tips and Hints while raiding

Single Player

If you are playing in single player mode, you will attack some goblin villages. You will have to use the troops to destroy these villages in order to steal their elixir and gold. Keep in mind that you will not lose the shield while attacking in single player mode.

While raiding, your army will be displayed on the bottom of the screen. To deploy them, just tap on the troop you want to send on the field and tap on the place you want to spawn them.

Raiding other players

To raid other players you will have to tap on “attack”, followed by “find a match”. The match making system will find a player that is close to your village level. If you destroy the other players’ villages, you will earn some gold and elixir along with some trophies. Keep in mind that after you attack another player you will lose the shield (if you got one) and your village will be vulnerable to attacks.

More Tips and Tricks

Building your village

Try to stack up your buildings close to each other so that your defensive buildings will be in the range of most important buildings such as Tower Hall and Gold/Elixir storages.

Testing layouts

Keep on testing different village layouts. This way you will find a better way to defend your village. Don’t care too much about moving buildings around because there is no penalty while doing this.


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