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Without a doubt, WhatsApp’s popularity has increased over the years, making it the most famous instant messaging service. Many use and love it mostly for its user-friendliness and efficiency.

Even though WhatsApp has more than 20 million users globally, it is still facing very stiff competition from several other instant messaging service providers. It is this stiff competition that has made innovators come up with changes and improvements for WhatsApp. These changes and improvements come in the form of WhatsApp Plus.

In essence, WhatsApp Plus is a more improved version of the current WhatsApp app. This improved version has advanced features and additional options. The extra options let users customize their user interface with transparent or even colorful themes.


Hiding the ‘Last Seen’ Update Option

WhatsApp Plus enables users to hide their ‘last seen’ dates from their friends. That way, no one will know when you when you last used the IM app.

Improved Image Quality

When people complain about IM services, image quality is one of the major topics. The old WhatsApp version reduces image size and quality. However, all this has changed. The new version makes it possible for images to be uploaded in their original versions.

Media Sharing

WhatsApp Plus has a default sharing media limit of 16MB. You also have the option of adding space, up to 50MB. This size change is a major addition, when you compare it to the old WhatsApp version. You can also share voice messages, contacts and locations with ease.

Updated Status

The old WhatsApp version required users to refresh their contacts list, if they wanted to see the updated status of their contacts. This was not only tiresome, but also quite boring. The new version has changed all this and all status updates can be seen below a chat. When your contacts update their status, the status below a chat automatically changes.

WhatsApp Icon Color

You can now change the WhatsApp icon color. The other color options available include red, orange, gray, blue, pink and even cyan. You can also change it back to the default green color.

Changing the Screens Look

The new WhatsApp version allows users to entirely change the look of their conversation screen, main screen, chat screen and even the contact icons. You also have the option of rounding-out the hard edges of contact pictures and modify the rows and headers of the contacts and chats.

Different Themes and Sharing

WhatsApp Plus has also been praised for its wide-array of downloadable themes.

Getting This New Whatsapp Version

It is easy to get WhatsApp Plus installed in your Android smart device. All users need to do, is to uninstall the old WhatsApp version. Make sure to back up any important conversations first. Download this new version from the various online resources available. It is not available in app stores because it is not official yet. Downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus will only take a couple of minutes.

It is worth noting that since WhatsApp Plus has not been made official yet, it has stability issues. This means that it can experience occasional crashing. Nevertheless, it is an upgrade that is worth having.

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