Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. HTC Butterfly S – Comparing the Performance of the Two Models

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Samsung and HTC often compete with each other, launching similar models simultaneously. This time, we are going to compare Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC Butterfly S to analyze which among them is the better choice.

External Form Factor and Display

The Galaxy Note 3 has a larger screen size, as it comes with a 5.7 inch display. The HTC butterfly S on the other hand, measures 5 inches only. If you are looking for a somewhat comfortable size for easy holding, HTC butterfly S is the better option. However, those who love a larger screen should choose Note 3.

The resolution offered by both models is the same and stands at 1080 x 1920 pixels. While HTC butterfly S gives you a ppi of 441, Note 3 has 386 ppi. Owing to the larger screen size, the display will be slightly less optimal when compared to HTC butterfly S.

Both models run on the same version of android operating system, however, the sense 5.5 UI offered by HTC gives this model an upper edge. Note 3 has a super AMOLED screen and HTC Butterfly S sports S – LCD 3 screen, which is extremely impressive too.

The Camera Performance

Galaxy Note 3 is the clear winner in this case because it sports a 13 MP camera as compared to 4 MP offered by Butterfly S. Both these model come with LED flash. The camera aperture size offered by Note 3 is F2.2 while that of HTC is F2.0. Note 3 comes with a CMOS image sensor which helps in improving the image clarity. The HDR model offered by Butterfly S helps you click some of the finest pictures, with a lot of detail and clarity.

The front facing camera is nearly the same in both the phones, with HTC offering you 2.1 MP, and Note 3 with 2.0 MP front camera. Even the video recording offered by both models is very decent and you should be able to enjoy the pleasure of capturing videos with flawless precision.

Processor and Performance

When we compare the processor and performance output, you will find that Galaxy Note 3 will have better configuration. HTC Butterfly S has a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 600 chip. Note 3 on the other hand has QUALCOMM Snapdragon 800.

The processor offered by Note 3 is quad core 2300 MHz. The HTC model too has a quad core processor but it is clocked at 1900 MHz.

The battery rating of both the models is same, so you will not face any kind of problems with the battery output.

The Final Verdict

Galaxy Note 3 has an upper hand in almost all aspects and if you want impressive specifications, you should ideally choose Galaxy Note 3. The price is definitely higher than HTC butterfly S, but you can get what you are bargaining for.

Both the models will offer you decent output, but it is Galaxy Note 3 that is loaded with smarter specifications and better features.

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