Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 – Specifications and Pricing Compared

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The latest generation of tablets from Samsung no longer trail Apple in terms of the cool factor.

This is an aspect that Samsung worked upon heavily in the last few years. They seem to have achieved this following the launch of the ‘Pro’ range of tablets. The Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is one of the latest to come in this range, and it was launched in February 2014. In order to offer a slightly cheaper alternative, the company also introduced the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 in November 2013.


The primary avenues of separating the two devices come in the size aspect. Owing to the much larger 10.1 inch screen, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 is not only physically larger, but it also reflects the same in the specifications. It is also slightly thicker than the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 at 8 mm compared to the 7.2 mm. The difference extends into the weight of the device. The Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is lighter by a huge margin of 331 g compared to 510 g.


The differences in terms of size and weight primarily come out as a result of the 10.1 inch screen on the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, comprehensively beating the 8.4 inch screen on the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 in terms of size. The same, however, does not apply when it comes to pixel density. The Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 excels in this regard because of the 1600 x 2560 pixels resolution. It is not known whether Samsung decided to deliberately not offer the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 due to the price in mind, but it is certainly a disappointing aspect of this tablet. It comes with only 1280 x 800 pixels of resolution.


Despite its smaller touchscreen display, the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 can excel as a multimedia device because of the 16 and 32 GB memory offerings. The memory capacity can be expanded by the use of microSD cards of up to 64 GB. Hence, the maximum possible memory on a Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 will be 96 GB, which should be plentiful for a number of users. It may not be able to compete with the iPad in the memory offerings, but the external memory card support comes as a saving grace. This feature is also available on the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, while the internal memory offerings are also similar.


The performance of the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 leaves the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 behind by a huge margin because of the different processers employed. Samsung uses the latest Snapdragon processor, although from the 800 range rather than the 801 range, in the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. This processor is rated at 2.3 GHz and it is a quad core unit. The Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 uses a much cheaper Intel Atom Z2560 processor that is rated at 1.6 GHz. This is a dual core processor.

The differences in price are huge with the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 costing just $200 compared to the $330 price for the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4.

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