Adobe Flash Player 14 – New and Updated Features

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The Adobe released the updated version of the Flash player known as the Adobe Flash Player 14.

This new version is a major quarterly release by the company. The new flash player 14 incorporates new features along with the usual security updates and bug fixes. The Adobe flash player 14 propels innovation for appealing and rich digital experience with state of the art features. These updated features allow you to enjoy browser-based cross-platform viewing of significantly rich internet videos, content and applications across devices. The beta release caters you with access to Adobe flash player 14 runtime for Windows and Mac OS desktop environments.


The Adobe flash player 14 has new and updated features. It has an improved complementary character support for TextField. Characters from the BMP (Basic Multilingual Plane) having Unicode points ranging between U+10000 and U+10FFFF will now work perfectly in the TextField controls. This new feature has greatly improved the code point range supported by the flash player. The Adobe flash player 14 incorporates special characters such as intricate CCJK characters and emoticons. The flash player 14 has also relocated a full screen video alert on the top of the screens. The Adobe has also made a small change to the warning ‘Press Esc to exit full screen mode’ displayed on screen when you are watching a video in full screen mode. The change has been made after receiving loads of feedbacks from developers regarding the dialogue’s incomprehensible content. The Adobe made a change to please both customer’s viewing satisfaction and for security concerns. The dialogue has been moved to the top of the screen to lessen its impact on the content displayed on the screen.

The Adobe flash player 14 encompasses a New Stage 3D Texture Wrapping Modes. Developers can presently set the texture-wrapping mode to either repeat or clamp. However, by making use of the repeat option, the texture will be repeated on both U and V axis. However, in certain cases, you may intend to repeat the texture on either U or V axis. The updated Adobe flash player 14 has made it possible by introducing two latest parameters – REPEATUCLAMPV and CLAMPUREPEATV.

Another new feature of the Adobe flash player 14 is the Stage3D Anti-Aliasing for Texture rendering. This new feature comes handy for enhancing apparent picture quality. However, the hardware based MSAA (Multisampling Anti-Aliasing) is presently accessible on all desktop platforms. Apart from the new features, the Adobe flash player has also rectified some issues troubling the users.


The Adobe flash player 14 can be downloaded free from the internet.

Adobe flash player 14 is a high-performance, highly expressive and lightweight client runtime that aims to deliver consistent and powerful consumer experience across key operating systems, devices, browsers and mobile phones.

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