Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – A Feature by Feature Comparison

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All Samsung Galaxy Mini versions are launched with Samsung’s usual trend of announcing their flagship and a few months later, announcing their mini version.

The thing with these mini versions is that they are not just smaller versions of the flagship Samsung phones. They usually have some cut-backs in specs as well.

The size

The S5 Mini has a size of roughly 10.9 mm height and 7.7 mm width. It is, however, 1 mm thicker than the S5. This thickness makes it more comfortable to hold and use with one hand. For those who do not like large devices, the S5 Mini will give you a similar experience as the S5, but in a smaller package. The S5 Mini has a 4.5 inch screen, and while it is arguable as to whether it is okay to call a 4.5 inch screen “mini”, it is considerably smaller than the S5. The S4 Mini is roughly about 7½mm in height and 2mm in width. It has a screen size of 4.3inches.

The Resolution

The S5 Mini comes with a 1280 x 720p display. That’s roughly about 326 ppi pixel density. This is a decent pixel density on the S5 Mini. On the other side, the S4 Mini has a 960 x 540 display that is below HD and this is probably one of the biggest complaints of the S4 Mini.

The Weight and Build

The S5 Mini has a weight of 120g while the S4 Mini weighs 107g. In terms of the build, the S5 Mini has a perforated back with the dimple-soft finish. While it does not look premium, it does feel comfortable in the hand. The back also gives a nice grip. This material is much better than the glossy polycarbonate plastic used on the S4 Mini. The S5 Mini also has no flap for the USB input, but the phone is still IP67 dust and water resistant.  Instead of a flap, they have used some sort of special coating on the port.

Under the Hood

This is where there are usually quite a few cutbacks. The S5 Mini has a 1.4GHz Quad-Core processor while theS4 Mini has a 1.7GHz Dual-Core processor and a 305 Adreno GPU. This is a cutback, when you compare it to S5’s 2.5GHz Quad-Core processor. This cutback means that there will be some difference in performance when you perform some heavy and processor intensive tasks.

In terms of RAM, the S5 Mini comes with 1.5GM of RAM so there is also a slight cutback here. You may, therefore, notice a little bit of a difference in the multi-tasking abilities. When it comes to storage space, you have 16GB of internal memory and expandable storage of up to 64GB. The S4 Mini has 1.5GB/2GB RAM and an internal storage of 8GB. You can expand the storage for the S4 Mini via the Micro SD Card slot up to 64GB.

The Camera and Video

The S5 Mini has an 8MP rear facing camera as does the S4 Mini. As for video, the S5 Mini can film up to 1080p at thirty frames per second (30fps). The S4 can also film at 1080p from the rear facing cameras. As for the front facing cameras, the S5 Mini has 2MP camera, capable of filming 1080p. The S4 Mini has a front facing camera with 1.9MP and offers a 720p HD recording.

The Operating Systems and Battery

The S4 Mini has the Android Jellybean OS 4.2.2 and the TouchWiz UI skin. The S5 Mini has the latest Android KitKat version 4.2.2 and Samsung’s TouchWiz UI.  The S4 Mini has a removable 1900mAh whereas the S5 Mini has a removable 2100mAh battery.

The price

The S4 Mini has a price range of £350 or $450. The S4 Mini has a price range of £350-370 or $450-500.


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