Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare – PC Version in June

Gamers wouldn’t have imagined even in their wildest dreams that a top view, touch screen based strategic zombie defense game would become a first person shooter.

It’s kind of new to the gaming scenario where everyone is used to shooting zombies directly as in Call of Duty Black Ops or military shooters. Sometimes, there are apocalyptic, fantasy lands but even then, the games are usually grounded in reality in a way with human characters. The Garden Warfare is definitely a weird game in various perspectives and it looks exceptionally colorful. The saving grace in the title is that EA is the publisher behind the hugely successful Battlefield series who knows what FPS is all about.

Critics who played the game on Xbox One console assures that it got all the hardcore elements of a original shooter but has been wrapped up in a more comical setting. There are power-ups to get in the game which costs $30 on the consoles but the game developers are about to introduce micro transactions as well which might alter its overall experience. The game got launched on Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms months back, in February and it’s a considerable wait for PC gamers to get their hands on it. The game has been confirmed to get launched for PC on June 24 which is just a month away. The title will be available through EA’s origin store and will connect using the system that is already sued by Battlefield 4.

Launch with DLCs

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare will be priced at $30 for the PC which will come with a bunch of goodies making it good value for money. The game will launch on the platform along with two previously released downloadable content including Garden Variety and Zomboss Down. They were released as two separate DLCs on the console platforms but will be available by default with the base game when it makes it way to the PC platform. The game received good reviews from critics and is expected to soar to great heights when it finally comes to the platform where FPS games are meant to be played, with a keyboard and a mouse.

The publishers also offer a special digital deluxe pack for the game priced at $35 which will include 80,000 in-game coins that can be used to purchase various items and in case you decide to pre-order the game before it gets launched, you will be given access to two preorder packs along with the deluxe copy. The minimum and recommended system requirements to run Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare have not been disclosed by EA yet.

The game isn’t as demanding as titles like Call of Duty Ghosts or Battlefield 4. So, you can safely assume that as long as you have an average gaming rig, it will play smoothly on your system at good frame rates. The frames per second are all the rage now but things will not be the same because if the game is properly optimized for PC, it should be capable of running on it without any hassles.

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