Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Vs Galaxy S4 Mini – Specs, Price And Features Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini are some of the most used Samsung Galaxy mini handsets. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was well received when it was introduced to the market last year and it still is one of the many widely preferred smartphones to date. Now, the Samsung Company has introduced the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

So, what exactly changed, other than the number in the phone’s name?

The Build and Design

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini have similar designs. Both phones come with back covers made from plastic with faux metallic bands on the phone’s edges. Taking a closer look, you will notice that the S4 Mini comes in a somewhat round shape and the dimensions on it are slightly different from those in the S5 Mini. The S4 Mini measures 124.6 x 61.3 x8.9mm, while the S5 Mini measures 131.1 x 64.8 x 9.1mm and weighs 120g, while the S4 comes in 107g.

The Galaxy S5 Mini is bigger and heavier than the S4 Mini. The fact that the S5 Mini comes certified as water and dust resistant while its predecessor is not, makes the S5 Mini more durable than the S4 Mini.

The Screen

The S5 Mini comes in a 720 x 1280 super AMOLED, 4.5 inch screen display that has a 326 p/inch pixel density. On the other hand, the S4 Mini comes in a 540 x 960 super AMOLED, 4.3 inch screen display with a 256p/inch pixel density.

Both phones are AMOLED screen phones making them vibrant and bright. However, the S5 has a higher resolution. Also, the S4 Mini has a gorilla glass 2 while the S5 Mini has a gorilla glass 3 Thus making the S5 Mini is more resistant to scratches and scrapes.

Power Capabilities

The S5 Mini has a Samsung brand quad-core 1.4GHz processor with 1.5 GB RAM. On the other hand, the S4 Mini runs on a dual core 1.7GHz snapdragon 400 processor with a 1.5GB RAM.

The S5 Mini uses a quad-core processor while the S4 Mini uses a dual core processor. However, the snapdragon 400 is a powerhouse, but the quad core processor can make a lot of difference. Therefore, the S5 Mini is expected to be superior and more powerful than the S4 Mini.


Both phones come with 8MP main cameras and have the ability to shoot videos of 1080p at 30fps. Even so, the S5 Mini has a front camera that comes with 2.1MP while the front camera of the S4 Mini carries an inferior 1.9MP.

Connectivity, Battery and Storage

The S5 Mini has 16GB inbuilt memory while its predecessor comes with 8GB inbuilt memory. Both phones have expandable memory slots for SD cards that support up to 64GB cards.

The S5 Mini and S4 Mini have different mAh batteries which measure 2100 and 1900 respectively. The S4 Mini has a lower power battery mainly because the processor needs lesser power and the screen is smaller too. What remains to be seen is whether the S5 Mini will have a better battery life.

Both phones support 3G, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, infrared and NFC.

The Price

While the exact price of the S5 Mini is not yet announced, it is expected to retail at around $650, which is more expensive than the $425 range for the S4 Mini.


Clearly, the S5 Mini is a slightly bigger and better version than the S4 Mini. It has brought some changes in the processor, durability and size, with a few extra features such as the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor.

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