Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

Keen to take advantage of the popularity of its Galaxy S models, Samsung has launched a number of variants.

One of the variants of the Galaxy S3, which came out in 2012, is the Galaxy S3 Neo. This will be competing against the Galaxy S4 Zoom – a phone that is aimed at combining both a smartphone and a digital camera in the best possible manner.

Samsung has come out with a few phones with DSLR challenging capabilities. Features like optical zoom were introduced in those phones, but they were not without their problems. Samsung has attempted to correct them through the Galaxy S4 Zoom, a phone that looks very much like a normal smartphone. Even though the phone feels like an extension of the Galaxy S4 in terms of the name, it is not the case in terms of design.


The Galaxy S4 Zoom features a prominent bulge in the rear of the phone that holds one of the selling points of this device – camera. It is a 16-megapixel sensor that may not feel that different compared to the megapixel count offered by the Galaxy S5’s camera. However, this is much more full-fledged than the usual features present in the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S4 camera. The standout aspect is the 10x optical zoom, which translates into a focal length of 24-240mm. This gives a wide range of capability when shooting with this camera.

Detailed Aspects

In contrast, the Galaxy S3 Neo features a standard camera that is rated at eight megapixels. This is the same camera found in the normal Galaxy S3. It comes with aspects like autofocus, LED flash, image stabilization, face detection, and smile detection. It can also record full HD videos – a feature that is also present on the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Aside from the optical zoom, the camera on the Galaxy S4 Zoom also comes with additional features like optical image stabilization and xenon Flash. The camera on the Galaxy S4 Zoom is more of a competitor to digital compact cameras rather than the camera found in the Galaxy S3 Neo.


Concentrating on the camera has resulted in Samsung skimming on the processor specifications of the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Compared to the quad core 1.4 GHz snapdragon processor present in the Galaxy S3 Neo, the Galaxy S4 Zoom comes with only a dual core 1.5 GHz processor. This does not come from reputed companies like snapdragon and reliability may not be its highest point. Still, it comes with android 4.2 jelly bean running capabilities, while the Galaxy S3 Neo ships with the latest android 4.4 version.


Despite its huge camera, Samsung has not improved the battery capacity of the Galaxy S4 Zoom compared to its original version. It features a 2330 mAh battery while the Galaxy S3 Neo comes with the same 2100 mAh battery seen in the original version. Battery life is on the poor side on both these devices.

The Galaxy S4 Zoom retails at $330 compared to the $310 price for the Galaxy S3 Neo.

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