Great Alternatives for Talkatone if You are Living Outside the U.S.

Talkatone is a free calling app that allows you to make calls via Wi-Fi by using your Google Voice number and your contacts.

This means that you’re not using up your minutes as Talkatone allows you to make unlimited calls. Talkatone works as a medium that acts as if you’re making the call from your Gmail on a computer. In fact, you’re making the call from your phone using your data connection or Wi-Fi.

Does Not Use Up Your Minutes

Google Voice also lets you make calls. However, it uses your minutes to do so, unlike with Talkatone where no minutes will be deducted. Don’t worry because it’s legal and you can take advantage of this as long as you have an internet connection. Before using Talkatone, go to your Google Voice settings and enable forwarding calls to “mobile”. You will then start making and receiving calls even if you’re not signed in on your computer.

Get Rid of Ads

Talkatone works for local calls in the United States and Canada, and if you wish to make an international call, Talkatone uses the international rates of Google Voice. It is free to download.However, the app comes with ads. If you’re not a fan of these ads, you may pay to remove them. You can choose to pay $1.99 per month, $10.99 for 6 months, or $19.99 for a year. Not only will this remove the ads, it also comes with additional features such as better call quality and supports multiple Google Voice accounts.


Talkatone is a great Google Voice client. However, it does have some limitations. For one thing, it only allows you to make free calls in the U.S. and Canada. There are several ways for you to sign up for Google Voice if you’re living outside the U.S. but you’re still going to work with a U.S. number. That being said, there are many alternatives if you want to make free calls to your family and friends even if you’re out of the country without using a U.S. number.


One of the best ways to make free calls is Skype. Skype doesn’t need a U.S. number, or any number for that matter. You only have to sign up using a working email address and you’re good to go. It is a cross-platform free calling app and you can download it for free on your computers and mobile devices. Not only does it offer free text messaging and voice calling, you can also use Skype for face-to-face interactions with your loved ones. Skype also has one of the best free video calls quality among other apps today.

Apple’s Facetime

If you own an Apple device, you can use Facetime to make free video calls to your friends with the same OS. Facetime is not a cross-platform app like Skype but if all your friends and family are Apple users, there’s no need for you to use other apps because Apple’s Facetime gets the job done very well. Skype and Facetime are just two alternatives for Talkatone which you can download and use even if you’re not living in the United States.

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